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Free Bloglovin’ Illustrated & Animated Icons

Hello my Beauties,
today i’m going to simply share a great & useful post with you.

Those of you, who are still looking for a bloglovin‚Äô suitable pic, that is feminine & sweet at the same time, are going to love this! I highly recommend checking out Kaye’s work here.
She definitely did a great job with this beautiful icon. Stop by Beautiful Kayekie and look for yourself!! Best thing – it’s 100% free for personl use! Now is that great news or what?! ūüėČ

Until next time – stay beautiful!!

Beautiful Kayekie

Hi everyone! I‚Äôm incredibly excited today, I finally sat down and turned ideas into reality to create illustrated ‚Äď fashion, beauty and everything in between ‚Äď Bloglovin‚Äô icons just for you! Yes, I love you guys that much. There are six icons with different colour text to choose from, and the last icon is an animated gif. It‚Äôs pretty awesome.

ūüėÄ *throwing streamers*

The icons are 100% free for personal use, all I ask in return is that you share the love and mention this site if anyone asks where your icons came from (a few terms below). Oh, and if you happen follow me on Bloglovin’ I would be honored. I have to thank Taylor from My Lucite Dreams for suggesting I design the icon, she is always encouraging me to create more.

1 ‚Äď Right click your image of choice and save (size: 107kb / 300√ó413 px).

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Treat Me Thursday

Hello my Beauties,

this is one of those days, where you simply know, you need a little treat to cheer yourself up, because so much went wrong…
I’m not talking about a huge shopping spread here, but a tiny little mini haul, that can instantly put a smile on your face.

Ok this technic might not be the best pedagogical move, but believe me, when you have to change 4 times the subway line and then somehow manage to take the wrong train (in between of 2 cities), that brings you to a “no name village” and you need about 3 hours to get back to your actual destination…you do deserve a little treat!¬†

So after a long day with a  million of tasks i decided to stop by my big local drugstore and get something, that i was having an eye on for a while (and just a few other things).
Astor lipcolor butter and perfect stay 202 pink with envy nailpolishAny idea what my “center piece” was, that i was having an eye on for a few weeks now?

That’s right – it’s the Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter, that is really similar to the already so famous¬†Chubby Sticks by Clinique.
I picked the soft pink color in “010 Pink Lady”.
“Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter is my quick and easy way to perfectly polished lips. I love how the slanted tip gives the precision of a liner for lip definition.
And because the color melts onto lips, I can achieve a brilliantly even finish every time.‚ÄĚ – Heidi Klum

The idea behind the product is basically the same as with Clinique. It’s a¬†moisturizing lip balm with different kind of¬†opacity. The lighter colors are more sheer, than the darker ones.

Don’t you think the packaging looks really similar to the Chubby Sticks?! You can also twist the bottom to have access to more product. The difference is that the stick itself is not round, but angular, which remind more of the usual lipstick and makes the application easier in my eyes. I can’t wait to go wild with this lipcolor butter. (Will it have the texture of the Revlon Lip Butters?)
Besides the Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter cost only 5,85¬†‚ā¨ ¬†if you compare them to the Clinique Chubby Sticks, which retail for about 20‚ā¨ – that’s not bad at all.
Astor 010 pink lady, 202 pink with envyIn case you wonder – did she buy a nail polish too? Technically i didn’t. (The usual price of these nail polishes is 4,85‚ā¨).
But the drugstore had a cool promotion going on. With every Lipcolor Butter you could pick a nail polish from their perfect stay line. Well – i thought i would go pink all the way! This is the 202 Pink With Envy.
They suppose to have a gel shine formula and stay on my nails up to 10 days. So why not!

As you can see, i couldn’t pass by a bar of chocolate with crispies inside and just not get one. ūüėČ I love a good crunch when it comes to chocolate!
And also to finish of a relaxing evening, i treated myself to a nice paper face mask with algae extract by Balea. If you remember me talking about different kind of face treatments in my last Sunday Read, you know how much i love this kind of relaxation.

So i hope this all will help me to feel refreshed and ready to have a relaxing night.

What are your latest “treat me” – goodies, my Beauties?
Share your little secrets with me.

Until next time – stay beautiful.

ps: Don’t forget to enter my current Avene Giveaway.


Heavenly Goodies or what’s your new nail polish? (swap)

Hello my Beauties,

today i have another really fun post for you. My mail just came in and what did i see: a nice package from The Netherlands. 
By the first glance it was clear – Polish Alcoholic send way too much. I knew, that Sabrina – the master mind behind the amazing nail polish & nail design blog Polish Alcoholic – was about to send me something, but i didn’t expect it to be that much.¬†
Especially since a few products aren’t really from a drugstore…

This was actually not part of our Sweet Summer Swap, it just somehow happened that i sent Sabrina the Guerilla Gardening Collection, that she wanted and some other goodies and now she decided to send something back.

First of all let me tell you, how incredibly sweet all the packaging was, when i opened the box. I was facing cute little pink puffy hearts and little marshmallow like filling elements. All the nail polish bottles (of course she sent me nail polishes, what else! ) were carefully put in a pretty tissue paper, that i didn’t even want to rip off.¬†
Polish swap with PolishAlcoholicA big compliment on the lovely and solid business cards, that have a good grip to them & feel really nice between the fingers.
Loved the thoughts you put in there, Sabrina!

Polish Swap with Polish Alcoholic 2Before i reveal the secret of the nail polishes, i will show you the little beauty samples, that Sabrina included into the box.
She knows about my passion for body scrubs, so there is one by Collistar ( heard a few good things about this brand, but haven’t had the chance to try yet), a sample of J’adore by Dior (mmm) and¬†Lancome Teint¬†Visionnaire (can’t wait to see if it fits my skin tone) and the cutest little Mango creamy body wash by Sephora. Love exotic fruits…
Beauty samplesAnd now to the polishes. When i finally ripped off the tissue paper , i was left speechless. There were four beautiful nail polish bottles, but the “high point” was indisputably¬†the wonderful Nfu Oh bottle. Hope you can see the actual details there – ¬†it’s so pretty!
Polish Swap with Polish Alcoholic 3(click to enlarge!)
What can i say?! This is going to be a world premiere (for me) trying all these brands and beautiful colors.

Ciat√© is the only brand, that is available here in Germany, but as the big hype was all about their Caviar manicure, i didn’t even realize, they had such pretty shades in their range. The “Regatta 076” seems to be a deep¬†maritim-blue with silver shimmer in it. And the bottle has its specific bow in the front.

Before seeing PicturePolish products on different nail blogs, i didn’t even realize there was that popular australian brand out there.
Love the slogan, that the classic bottle comes with:”Cause every girl need some!” Attitude – by Overall Beauty. That’s pretty stylish. And what can i say, it’s a beautiful “midnight purple” in my eyes, with different kind of¬†dazzling &¬†holographic particles in it.
Here is another PicturePolish in Paradise, that Sabrina swatched on her blog, and i think the quality seems to be promising.

BerryM in lilac 235 is my very first polish from that famous british brand. Funny fact:
tweetProbably Sabrina was right saying that. I love my metallic polishes, i think they suit my personality, if that makes sense…

And last, but ohhh most definitely not least – meet the beautiful Nfu Oh nail lacquer in 45.
You can see in Sabrina’s post, where she swatched a really similar color in 44 (Nfu Oh #44 ‚Äď Shiney¬†Opal), how wonderful it looks over different kind of polishes. Especially over a black one. This is going to be my “shine bright like a diamond” polish for hot summer days. ūüôā I literally can’t wait!
Polish Swap with Polish Alcoholic 4Thank you very much, dear Sabrina for your effort to make this swap such a lovely experience for me. I do appreciate the chance to try all these new brands & textures. I hope i was able to show my real excitement.

There you go my Beauties, remember i told you i was in a Swap fever!? ūüėČ
Did you do any lovely swap’s lately?
I’ll be posting the wrap-up post on the Sweet Summer Swap next week, so stay tuned for that.
Please check out Sabrina’s blog for more amazing nail polish swatches, brand recommendations and nail art tutorials.

Until next time – stay beautiful.

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Avene Skin Care Travel Kit Giveaway

Hello my Beauties,

are you enjoying the first week of june? Is it already flip-flop weather in your area? It looks like it’s getting better here and we are slowly moving away from “november weather” to “march”…yeay. I don’t give up hope to have a really warm june here. *Fingers crossed*

So today i have good news for you.
You can be the {June РWinner} of the Avene Skin Care Travel Kit, which i talked about a few months ago.
And as that post had a lot of great feedback, i’ve decided to give one of you the chance to get your hands on these Avene products, which i find are great for warm summer weather.

The kit contains¬†Thermal Spring Water (50ml), an¬†Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion (50ml) and a¬†Skin Recovery soothing Cream/Mask (5ml). ¬†And these products come in a fun little pouch, that’s just perfect size to have in your purse.
I use Avene products for quite some time now and can really recommend them. 
Avene Skin Care travel size kit and cosmetic bagYou can read the whole post and decide whether you want to enter or not. ūüėČ
Take a look: 
♥ Avene Skin Care Travel Kit ♥.

The giveaway is as usual international (not sponsored) and will run until June 23th.
In case you would like to enter, click on the {Rafflecopter}.

Good luck everyone.
Until next time – stay beautiful.


The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop (#15)

Hello my Beauties,

hope you had a fantastic weekend and a lot of relaxation. Are you ready to start a new week?? I’m actually excited to see what this week might bring. Making plans for new posts & projects for my blog, as i’m feeling very enthusiastic these days. What about you?¬†
It’s monday and that means, we are going to have another {Friendly Bunch Blog Hop}!
To make it even more successful, than the last time, you’re all invited to participate! Don’t be shy!

This week, we are really excited to have such an amazing lady as our co-host. She is a Scottish Girl, who is a self confessed shoppaholic, polka dots, sparkles and lipstick lover, with a passion for beauty and photography. She is always up for a fun challenge or an exciting tag (and knows exactly how to rock a red lipstick!). 

If you’re a fan of Clarins, MAC and Chanel, you’re going to love her product reviews & monthly favorites posts.¬†I would highly recommend to look at her¬†30 before 30 challenge.¬†And what should also be mentioned, is that her monthly giveaways have been legendary!
Meet our co-host for this week: {A Scottish Lass}

If you are interested in co-hosting the blog hop, please email Nia.

Now in our share section today, we have an interesting beauty secret to share. Quite a number of you most likely have at least 1 MAC lipstick. Well, not everyone has access to them or can justify paying for them at that price. So we found a post about MAC dupes on Life Unsweetened which seemed like a must share. Take a look.

Isn’t that awesome?! Getting almost the same shade for half the price. We would definitely not say no to that. If you would like to see the entire post, please visit Life Unsweetened.¬†
On to the Blog Hop!
1. Please¬†follow the Hosts & {possible} Co-host¬†via GFC {or wordpress} and/or Bloglovin’ and/or email
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3. Add your link
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Sunday Read {Vol.3}

Hey my Beauties,

it’s sunday again and you know what that means. It’s time for our weekly {Sunday Read}, where i share with you some great posts, written by my fellow bloggers.
Sometimes it’s just a mix of random beauty & lifestyle topics, or like today – a special subject.
sunday read by LuchessaAs usual, you can always go ahead and take part in this sunday read event. Grab this Sunday Read photo!
The rules are very simple:
Pick out some of your most favorite posts written by others &  tell me exactly why you picked them.
Then all you need to do is to link up down below. 

I have always been a big lover of homemade face masks and body scrubs, but if i find a really great sheet mask or a clay in store, i will go for it. ūüėČ So let’s talk Face Masks. (I think it suits the “sunday pampering” mood anyways.)

My treasures this week:

1) So there is this Korea-Canada blog, ( i guess the writers name behind it is Sonya) that i just recently discovered and stumbled over an interesting topic:
Paper face masks: A Korean beauty¬†secret},¬†¬†which apparently hit the US-market last year. You have to know, that these¬†affordable paper face masks, are incredibly popular especially in Korea and target busy women, who want great & fast results for very friendly prices are totally in love with them. Of course we have that type of masks here in Europe as well (I bet same in the States), but i have to admit, the clay type of masks are actually more represented in stores. Every woman wants “hydration, brightening, wrinkle fighting or pore tightening” effect and it was interesting to see how forward the korean market there already is.¬†

2) Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady¬†wrote a great Skincare Series post, where she talked about her favorite {Masks}. I liked the variety of different brands and types she described. All of them “do different things, targeting different skin concerns and issues.” I think it’s important to pick the right type of face mask, focusing on what you’re actually wanting to improve.
Sophia shared her detailed opinion on Origins,  Dr Jart+, REN and other brands, so there should be something for everybody. 

3)¬†Kelly and Gemma from Pages and Perfume¬†shared their thoughts on {‚ÄėLove Lettuce‚Äô Face Mask by¬†LUSH}¬†that “contains something called ‚Äėfullers earth‚Äô, an ingredient consisting of a number of clays which is meant to absorb grease and debris, and also tighten the skin.” For all you LUSH lovers out there, this should be a product, you already heard about. If you are up for an easy pampering and exfoliating experience, that could be your go-to product.¬†

4)¬†Meghan from Painted lady¬†– besides being¬†an aspiring medical esthetician, is also a lover of great face masks, so when i saw her post on {Face Mask Friday! Wild Rose and¬†Honey}, i knew i had to share it with you. I have to admit, i have never heard of the brand¬†Wild Carrot Herbals before, but a “mild exfoliant + loaded with enzymes” definitely sounded good to me. It’s a thick great smelling honey based mask, with an¬†antibacterial & calming effect. If you are a honey scent lover, you might enjoy this one!

5) And as i love fresh homemade masks, i’m going to share with you one more post, that i found on another “new to me” blog – Carpe Diem For All (how great is that blog name?!). I spotted this {At Home Oatmeal Face Mask} with¬†organic and healthy products in it. The pictures, that have been used for the post are lovely and the actual recipe seems to be like something everyone should already have in the kitchen.
So if you like “your skin soft and glowing” – take a closer look at that blog post and say “YES please” to oats, mild & honey!
face masks mix sunday read(Pictures taken from each of the sites, all rights on these belong to the mentioned bloggers.)

There you go, my Beauties. That was our Sunday Read for this week. Hope you like the idea of one topic post.
Say HI to everyone, when you visit their blogs and enjoy the recipes & mask ideas. 

What posts’ did you like over the past week, my gorgeous readers? 
Please link up and let’s all benefit from it.

Until next time – stay beautiful!


Cooking Date or What’s for Dinner?

Hello my Beauties,

happy weekend! What’s everyone up to these days?

Recently i was on a fun, but relaxed at the same time, cooking date and because i had so much fun, i thought i would share a little bit with you. 
It’s not like the cooking host – the handsome Mr.T or I are the best chef’s ever, but with a little passion for details, the result was something amazingly delicious.¬†

Let’s enter the place where all the magic happened.
Cooking dateDon’t you just love those apartments, where you immediately see the big love for all the small details?! Well i do.¬†
So for a cooking event there were definitely some kitchen tools needed…
kitchen toolsAnd not just that, but also a little style to feel the vibe. 
Those of you, who always loved those Bar inspired kitchens, are going to be very pleased now.
Kitchen decoration(Click on pic to enlarge)
I mean how cool is that?
If it wasn’t too early in the day (and the fact, that i don’t really drink), it would be THE moment to start a party! ūüėȬ†
And now, the moment of truth!
Medinet french red wineDidn’t you just say, you don’t drink?!
Right, but when it comes to a really really good vinaigrette – cooking with wine, doesn’t appear like a bad idea.
Besides we’ve used very little, i promise! (This is¬†a characteristic wine from the South of France, that comes in an unmistakable, amphora-shaped bottle and is also known as¬†“The Star of the South”.)
Red Wine Honey Vinaigrette(Click on pic to enlarge)
The trick is to stir well while adding honey to the red sweet wine and keep the heat on low. After adding salt, pepper and oil to taste & giving it a moment to cool down, you’ll get an incredibly great smelling¬†vinaigrette for your salad or even grilled meat.

Fresh Tomato And Mozzarella SaladWe decided to go with a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad.
(As i’m writing this i’m totally getting into the mood for this¬†vinaigrette again. It was that good.)

Here’s the result. (We had also some delicious pickled stuffed¬†cherry¬†peppers on the side, so it all went really well together. You know, i’m a huge salad lover…)
tomato mozzarella saladAfter enjoying the salad it was time to go back to the kitchen and start preparing the warm dish. But first i had a moment to enjoy some art on Mr.T’s wall. I’m almost sure he painted it himself. I thought it was a really creative idea with the “blowing feathers”.
Don’t you think?
art painting(Click on pic to enlarge)
Meanwhile the tofu had enough time to swim & marinade in the soy sauce and was ready for the wok-time.
I can tell you, after a few seconds the whole kitchen smelled like curry. ūüôā mmm…
Tofu in wokI will not show you how we cooked the noodles, since i assume that’s something everyone has already done before. ūüėČ
Then we simply mixed tofu & noodles together and added raisins and peas & a little more curry and stirred for a little longer.
And in the end, we had a little mean tofu face inside the wok. ūüėõ Can you spot it?

Fusilli Noodles with tofu, rasins and peasLet me tell you, that evening i ate way too much and had to roll back home later on!!
With the fusilli dish we had also some¬†“Wostok” – ({East} in russian) sherbet, which is inspired by a a Russian non-alcoholic drink “Baikal” & was originally made in Berlin. ¬†It has a nostalgic look and taste to it. I have never tasted it before, but that kind of sherbets & soda’s are definitely something i know from way back.
Wostok sherbetAfter all the eating & laughing it was time to lean back & relax on the couch, with a nice little fireplace and an overhead¬†projector, that had that awesome under water world feeling to it. So relaxing, i can’t even descibe it.
fireplace time
I was enjoying that evening so much and thought what a wonderful idea it actually is to gather more often, cook new dishes, which don’t have to be a 5 star fancy ones, but simply something, that makes you feel good. Do you know what i mean??

Thank you Mr.T for such a warm-hearted evening. Hopefully soon again.
And what have you been cooking lately, my Beauties?
Share your secrets with me.

Until next time – stay beautiful!