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Avene Skin Care Travel Kit Giveaway


Hello my Beauties,

are you enjoying the first week of june? Is it already flip-flop weather in your area? It looks like it’s getting better here and we are slowly moving away from “november weather” to “march”…yeay. I don’t give up hope to have a really warm june here. *Fingers crossed*

So today i have good news for you.
You can be the {June – Winner} of the Avene Skin Care Travel Kit, which i talked about a few months ago.
And as that post had a lot of great feedback, i’ve decided to give one of you the chance to get your hands on these Avene products, which i find are great for warm summer weather.

The kit contains Thermal Spring Water (50ml), an Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion (50ml) and a Skin Recovery soothing Cream/Mask (5ml).  And these products come in a fun little pouch, that’s just perfect size to have in your purse.
I use Avene products for quite some time now and can really recommend them. 
Avene Skin Care travel size kit and cosmetic bagYou can read the whole post and decide whether you want to enter or not. 😉
Take a look: 
♥ Avene Skin Care Travel Kit ♥.

The giveaway is as usual international (not sponsored) and will run until June 23th.
In case you would like to enter, click on the {Rafflecopter}.

Good luck everyone.
Until next time – stay beautiful.

Author: Luchessa

I’m a thirty-something metropolis girl, with experience of living on different continents, speaking several languages, a big passion for skin care, especially Korean beauty, traveling and an urge to share my knowledge and tricks that I've learned over the past years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

50 thoughts on “Avene Skin Care Travel Kit Giveaway

  1. i dont really a skin care routine! just for hydration i use a bioten cream!

  2. *i don’t really have

  3. Every evening I wash my face with washing creme with healthy mud and natural coral sponge. 🙂

  4. I wash my face with a soap/defoliator and then apply the Vichy cream with retinol

  5. It’s windy and it rains every few days where I live, but it’s ok, I kind of like it 😀

    • Oh, the skin care routine. Well, I am kind of a paranoid person when it comes to washing, so I wash my hands and face several times a day. I try to moisturize it every time after, I know it dries out because of my crazy washes, but I can’t help myself. I am especially paranoid when I come home from school, I study in a hospital and every day I think about all the thingk that can get to my skin.

  6. My skin care…mainly facial soap, toner, light hidrating day cream with tons of SPF and b the night the same but with a nutritive cream.

  7. In the morning I wash my face with Eucerin DermatoCleangel, clean it with rose water and apply Iwostin Intensive Moisturizing cream (SPF 15). In the evening wash my face with Garnier PureActive ExfoBrusher, clean with rose water and apply natural argan oil (from Morocco) or some deep moisturizing cream. Every other day I use an organic scrub from peach pit (bought it in India).

  8. I don’t think it’s fair for me to join this giveaway as it’s so easy for me to get avène products here. I’ll let others try to win this first! But I’ll pass the word along of course ^^

  9. My skin is very oily so I clean very times a day but I dont have really a skin care routine. :~

  10. i wash my face with a facial wash when before going out then put some facial creme/ moisturizer. when i get home, i wash my face again with facial wash then before sleeping i put facial creme/ moisturizer

  11. After I wash my face , I use hydrating cream Bottega Verde.

  12. Wash and moistourise!

  13. clean and face lotion 🙂

  14. scrub, toner, day cream 🙂

  15. I wash my face and use a day cream

  16. I cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night. Once a week I apply a mascara. =)

  17. Cleanse, tone and moisturize 2-3 times a day depending on what i’m doing! Sometimes I use overnight cream as well if I have something important going on the next day or so.

  18. These products sound really great 🙂 I have never heard of it before.

  19. Every morning I wash my face with a bio-cleanser and then I use a cream for oil skin.

  20. I use Oilatum Cleansin Bar and Oilatum Natural Repair cream as a moisturizer ! And I use Bodysop Vitamin E cleanser and scrub for exfoliating.

  21. I wash my face with bio soap at the evening and in the morning I put on my face a cream

  22. Clinique beauty bar to wash my face, and LOTS of lotion!

  23. I love your giveaways. I try to keep my skin routine simple. I wash my face in the evenings and apply a serum for the night, in the morning it’s serum, a light cream and sunscreen then whatever makeup for the day!

  24. Nothing honestly. If I go out I do put on a spf lotion before my foundation. And at night I apricot scrub my face and then use a mary Kay cleaner. Very simple.

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  26. I have a clarisonic and I love it. Bought it at Sephora, and I use the clarisonic along with peter thomas roth glycolic acid 3%. It keeps my skin clear and clean. For moisture I use shea butter or a boscia cream with SPF.

  27. I use Liz Earle products which I absolutely love for my daily skincare routine. The cleanser comes with a fine muslin cloth to polish the skin and always leaves me feeling fresh and great in the morning.

  28. I wash my face with facial cleanser, using hada labo lotion and put on night cream and eye serum. I scrub my face once a week, I’m using powderworks, their product is awesome. I love it! For morning if I go out I’m using Wardah sunscreen. (It’s a local brand) 😀

  29. Reblogged this on Girl's Own and commented:
    Giveaway from Luchessa 🙂
    Avene Skin Care Travel Kit, it opens worldwide.
    I hope I win, it sounds really awesome!

  30. My routine is: makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream and basic lip balm. Sometimes I do acne spot treatment too 🙂

  31. I was my face with Mario Badescu cleanser, and use a clinique toner. Once a week I use a Mario Badescu mask.

  32. I wash my face with a soap/defoliator and then apply Collistar cream

  33. My skin care routine is: make-up remover, cleanser, toner + Skinetica anti-blemish. Once a week I do a scrub and a mask! :3

  34. My routine is: scrub, toner, day cream 😉

  35. Thank you for a great giveaway – so summer/travel appropriate 🙂
    My skincare routine just got a makeover with the Omorovitza finds – thermal cleansing balm and their cleansing foam, illuminating moisturizer, rose serum and at night time rejuvenating night cream 🙂 Trust me – my wallet is crying 😦

  36. I wash, tone and moisturize morning and night.

  37. Just a toner and moisture cream 🙂

  38. I would love this, my skin has been bad for quite a while now :/

    Most acne products just dry out my skin, so I normally just stick to an exfoliator from Neutrogena and body butter from B&BW.

  39. I wash my face every morning with a mild soap,suitable for my combination skin.Then i use my 24hour cream with SPF.At night i always remove my makeup and moisturize my face well.

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  41. You KNOW I’m in on this one!


  42. Bioderma water micelar 🙂

  43. yay I joined, FINALLY! bwahaha. So my skin care routine is hit and miss these days my dear. but cleanse, tone and moisturize and every now and then exfoliate. Using Skin&Lab, Suti and Pai. 🙂 x

  44. Moisturizer in the morning with SPF15, deep clean in the evening and every 3 days I use exfoliating cream and once a week I use face mask. I don’t use night cream I just let it rest as it is 🙂

  45. I wash my face in the morning with a Tea Tree wash from The Body Shop, then apply some Benfit Boo Zap! to trouble spots, then a daily Mia Mariu Moisturizer and eye cream, then makeup. At night I wash my face with Mia Mariu foaming clenaser, apply Benefit eye cream, and my nightly moisturizer. 🙂

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  47. I use soulflower organic soap for face, a homemade toner (either green tea or cucumber) and Vichy Normaderm in morning as moisturizer. AT the night I substitute the Vichy with bioderma vitamin C serum at bedtime.
    I used Keil’s also for sometime and they were good.

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  49. Hey completed all steps dear except the Klout one bcz I don’t have an account there. Waiting for the D day now 🙂
    You are a master of awesome giveaways and I am master of not winning in any of them 😦 😦

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