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The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop (#15)


Hello my Beauties,

hope you had a fantastic weekend and a lot of relaxation. Are you ready to start a new week?? I’m actually excited to see what this week might bring. Making plans for new posts & projects for my blog, as i’m feeling very enthusiastic these days. What about you? 
It’s monday and that means, we are going to have another {Friendly Bunch Blog Hop}!
To make it even more successful, than the last time, you’re all invited to participate! Don’t be shy!

This week, we are really excited to have such an amazing lady as our co-host. She is a Scottish Girl, who is a self confessed shoppaholic, polka dots, sparkles and lipstick lover, with a passion for beauty and photography. She is always up for a fun challenge or an exciting tag (and knows exactly how to rock a red lipstick!). 

If you’re a fan of Clarins, MAC and Chanel, you’re going to love her product reviews & monthly favorites posts. I would highly recommend to look at her 30 before 30 challengeAnd what should also be mentioned, is that her monthly giveaways have been legendary!
Meet our co-host for this week: {A Scottish Lass}

If you are interested in co-hosting the blog hop, please email Nia.

Now in our share section today, we have an interesting beauty secret to share. Quite a number of you most likely have at least 1 MAC lipstick. Well, not everyone has access to them or can justify paying for them at that price. So we found a post about MAC dupes on Life Unsweetened which seemed like a must share. Take a look.

Isn’t that awesome?! Getting almost the same shade for half the price. We would definitely not say no to that. If you would like to see the entire post, please visit Life Unsweetened
On to the Blog Hop!
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Author: Luchessa

I’m a thirty-something metropolis girl, with experience of living on different continents, speaking several languages, a big passion for skin care, especially Korean beauty, traveling and an urge to share my knowledge and tricks that I've learned over the past years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

12 thoughts on “The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop (#15)

  1. Oh now I’ve just realized that I need tons more lipsticks! I’m lucky enough to have about 3 MAC stores within walking distance but there are so many amazing brands!

    • Well Caroline, i think the purpose of the “dupes” is of course to give you the chance to have all those different colors for less…unless you do want to spend more for the actual MAC lipsticks & co.
      To me here in Germany it doesn’t make much sense to get MAC products, since they are simply overpriced.
      Depending in the Foreign Currency Exchange Rates that day, i would pay around 25 us dollar instead of the $15 that you get a lipstick for, when you buy it in the States.
      Then i think, why would i want to spend $ 25 on MAC, when i can get a YSL or DIOR instead. Do you see where i’m going with that?!
      Or i simply stick to german or other european brands.
      Same thing with NYX, that is a drugstore brand in the States, but it’s being sold in a high-end “Sephora”-similar store for way to much money. I mean sure, NYX has a nice quality, but not for that price.

  2. love the mac lipstick dupes suggestions!

    • Right?! I think “Life Unsweetened” did a great job putting it all together.
      I would love to try that Revlon Pink Pout and Wet & Wild Pinkerbelle. 🙂 (as you see i don’t really wear red’s).

  3. Loving those dupes! I hate it when people post dupes that are almost the same price as the originals :/

  4. I feel like liking the dupes much more than the originals.

  5. Great post! So nicely put together and also great lipstick shades, it’s awesome knowing that there are dupes out there for the most talked about MAC shades 🙂

  6. Thank you for hosting! I hope it is okay but I added a beauty bloghop. I work from home and 5 kids so have noticed that I do not take enough time taking care of myself. I went from a career mom who did her makeup a few times a day to a pajama mom who wears only lipgloss and mascara…Heck…I even sold makeup at one point! I need current beauty tips FAST!!! I LOVE organic and DIY tips but haven’t exactly made all of my beauty routine organic yet! So budget is also great !! Thanks for always providing great beauty tips..I have always been listening but now I will be working on me for sure!

    • Thats such a nice comment Heather. Good to hear you like finding tips and ideas for how you can be not only beautiful on the inside, but also out! If you have any questions, i will try to find you a good answer. 🙂 I’m obviously not a pro makeup artist or anything, but i def know a thing or two 😉
      And about skin care we do learn one from the other. I think that was also one of the reasons, why i started blogging in the first place. Sharing information (on skin care and other beautiful things) is power!
      And 5 kids – girl, kudos to you!!

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