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NOTD + Featured nail art + mini Giveaway (closed)

Hello my Beauties,

how are you doing?
Today’s post has 3 different parts, that i’m sure you are going to like. So grab your favorite cup of tea & let’s begin.

By the end of march my Twitter friend Radi and i have decided to do a little nail polish swap. As Radi lives in Bulgaria she was kind enough to offer me some of the polishes that are being sold there & i on my part of course picked out a few german based brands for her. 
You can see her post on the swap HERE. She also did a beautiful design with the KIKO Sugar matt, that was originally the idea for a swap. 

Today i got the parcel from Bulgaria and obviously couldn’t wait to try some of the sparkling goodies, that i’ve found inside. 
Perfect nail polish, Golden Rose jolly jewels 103I tried my best to take a few good pictures in today’s horrible light, but the gloomy & grey weather didn’t make it easier for me. I really hope you get the idea anyways.
golden rose jolly jewels 103, perfect nail polish nail designAs you can see the “Perfect” base coat appears much more purplish in the flash light. 
The Jolly Jewels polish has quite a thick consistency and is really opaque in just one coat.
golden rose jolly jewels 103, perfect nail polish bulgarian brandIn this shot the “shiny jewels” are much more noticeable & visible. They have a lovely rose gold shimmer to it.
I really like how the two polishes became one mani. Now i’m really curious for how long it’s going to stay on my nails.
Have you tried any of these polishes yet?

As the second part of the post i would like to share with you Radi’s guest post with you. I asked her to do a nice & fun spring nail art and she did a really great job, if you ask me. But see for yourself and don’t forget to visit her blog, to see more great swatches and design ideas.

Hello everyone!
This is my first guest post I`m making for Luchessa`s blog and I hope you like it!
I`ll show you Step by Step how to paint these cute ladybugs on my nails.
 ladybugs nail designFirst are the things you`ll need:
nail art tools and nail polishesBase coat, pink polish, top coat, black, white and acrylic paint, regular and detailed brush.
ladybugs nail design steps

1. Make the pink french and when it`s dry paint the bodies of the ladybugs next to each other.
2. Outline the ladybugs with black acrylic paint. Make their legs, dots and heads, too.
3. Make two white dots and smaller black ones over them in every ladybug`s head as eyes.
And a little waterry white paint onto the wings` edge.
4. Cover with top coat!
And here is one closer look of theese cute ladybugs on my both hands:
ladybug nail designAnd this is the complete look of the design:
ladybugs nail design

Hope you like it and it`s useful to those of you who like painting their nails.
All the best, 
So what do you think, Beauties? Isn’t it just a cute mani? If you try to do it yourself, make sure to take a picture and tweet it to Radi, who can of course be found on Twitter HERE.
And now to the last part of this post. For those of you, who read it until this point, it should be worth it. 😉
You can WIN a great Golden Rose rich color nail polish in 07, sponsored by Radi.
rich color 07And a KIKO sugar matt 641 strawberry pink (sand polish) + a Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick in 816 Pearly Hot Pink (bought by me), that’s going to match the polish color perfectly!
Kiko sugar matt stylo lipstic  giveawayAll 3 products are part of the Pink Dream Giveaway, which is going to run for a week, until April 18th and the winner is going to be picked via
And the rules for this international Giveaway are going to be very simple:
1) Follow Radi’s blog via or email,
2) Follow me via WordPress or email,
3) Tell me in the comments below how you follow AND:
Good luck everyone and stay beautiful until next time!



Featuring Sabrina and a Spring Manicure

Hello my Beauties,

it’s weekend. Let’s celebrate with a fun fresh and very much spring inspired manicure. 
Today i would love you to meet my sweet blogging buddy Sabrina from Polish Alcoholic. I got to know her in the very beginning of my blogging days and she has always been a very supportive person, with a great attitude and not to mention the most well taken care of nails i have seen in a long time.
I asked Sabrina to do a step-by-step tutorial on a simple & sweet nail design and this is what she came up with:

Hello everyone.

My name is Sabrina, a 27 years young girl from The Netherlands.
I have a serious addiction, an addiction to nail polish. I can’t help myself 😉 I love to collect them and I’m constantly on the ‘haunt’ for my lemmings that are mostly hard to find and/or discontinued.

I am so honored that the sweetest Luchessa is willing to dedicate a little space of her amazing blog to me. Thanks dear! *mwah*

Even though it’s still rainy, grey and even snowy outside… I created a Spring themed mani for you beauties.
Let’s get started!

Spring manicure by Polish AlcoholicThe tool’s you are going to need:

– large dotting tool
– medium striper
– Butter London “Jasper”
– Zoya “Blu”
– Zoya “Purity”
– WIC “Minsk”
– OPI “Forrest My Case”
OPI ZOYA Butter London nail polishes for spring manicure

First design:

When your base coat is dry, paint your nails white and let it dry completely.

Use a medium striper with a green polish to create blades of grass.

Make sure the tip of the nail is covered with ‘grass’. Then create a little bit depth by slightly ‘swiping’ a lighter green polish on and between the darker green polish.

Create two tiny ‘leaves’ by using a medium striper and dark and lighter green polish. Give the design a bit time to dry and add a top coat.

Second design:

When your base coat is dry, paint your nails light/pastel blue and let it dry completely.

Use a white polish and a medium striper to create a cross.

Repeat step 6 so that you’ll get a ‘star’.

Gently fill in the spaces between the white lines.

Create a big yellow dot with your largest dotting tool and wait for the design to dry.
Use a top coat to get a smooth finish 🙂
Nail art tutorial spring manicureAfter finishing all those steps, your manicure should look something like that.
Spring manicure with Polish AlcoholicFeel free to stop by and leave a comment.

Beauties, i don’t know about you, but i feel like painting my nails now 😉 Since not everyone has many nails art tools at home, this is a cute design that you can even create with a thin nail polish brush, so just give it a try!!
I hope you visit Sabrina’s blog or connect with her on

Until next time, stay beautiful.



♥ Essence Hugs and Kisses Giveaway ♥ (closed)

Hello my Beauties.

How have you been? I hope not as busy as I am lately. January is almost over and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. 
Have you seen the different inspiring nail art designs and pretty eye looks all over the internet?
Sometimes I’m amazed what those talented blogger are coming up with…

As Essence came up with a really sweet little limited edition for Valentine’s Day, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to do a quick  giveaway. Especially because some of you asked me about this limited edition, since it’s not being sold everywhere.
How can I say no to such request!?
hugs & kisses essence limited edition nail polishes and lashes(pictures are taken from the Essence home page)

So here we go and I hope you have fun while entering the giveaway, which includes 4 glitter topper 0.16fl.oz / 5ml each and some big bold lashes for an incredible eye look with a sparkle. 

CLICK HERE and enter this international giveaway, which is going to be open until the february the 7’th (GMT + 1:00)
As usual: All entries from multiple or spam accounts, like accounts set up for giveaways only will be banned!!!
Btw: If you TWEET about it, please do it from this blog post page (via share on twitter button) and not from Rafflecopter!! Thank you!

Until next time, stay beautiful!


♥ NOTW – I got the Blues ♥

Hello my Beauties!

Today it’s going to be another “Nails of the week” post. I recently got a few special nail art brushes and couldn’t wait to try them in action.
It was definitely not the first time i was doing something more, than just to apply the simple color on my nails, but i have to admit, with a nail art brush things are going a lot smoother & easier.
I was even able to paint with my left hand, which is usually a big acrobatic act. (Do you feel same way?)

So this is what i call: I got the Blues! It was a tiny bit Burlington style inspired.
I didn’t go all the way with that style, since i wanted to have my own view on it.
Blue Burlington style nails designThe tools that have been used for this design are:

  1. Manhattan Crazy Colors in Nr. 5
  2. KRON 1959 Liliput Nagellack in “Nordpol”  (Northpol)
  3. Lumene Natural Code nail styler in Nr. 9 “Live it up”
  4. Tiny Acrylic Nail Art Brush

Manhattan Kron Lumene blue nail polishesAll the polishes are luckily fast drying ones, so i almost did not have to wait between applying the different coats & strips. 

This is how i’ve done it:
Blue Burlington style nail designI have to say, in real life all the colors set themself a little more apart, than it appears on the pictures, they seem to be more defined.
But i guess you get an idea of what i was trying to do.
Over all i was amazed how easy it is to actually paint your nails with a nail art brush. Why didn’t i try that before?!

Tell me about your favorite “blues” and share with me your link, so i can have a look & get inspired for the next time. 

Stay beautiful! 😉



♥ Nails of the Week ♥

Hello my Beauties!

These days I’m all about nails and nail polishes. I collected a few new ones over the holidays and am now totally in the mood for a few experiments. 
I’ve seen many cool & inspiring tutorials on youtube and read posts from fellow bloggers lately. Today I’ve decided to do my first “Nails of the week” post. 
Something that always looked appealing to me, is a braided look, of course mostly as a hair style, but recently I came across many braided nail designs which I liked. 
So this is my shy attempt. 
Braided nail design Catrice Essence

The colors, as well as the combination of it look a little different as it appears on the pictures, but you definitely get an overview.
A metallic silver base with a glossy finish and a few colorful accents of a dark blue-ish green and a bright coral. 

As an alternative, or for those who are not that talented with their left hand, here is an example for a simple silver manicure with the bright coral and a few silver stripes, made with the nail art tip painter.
Stripes design silver manicure essenceI have to admit, my right hand definitely looks very wearable for every day in the office ect. The left one is let’s say, more outgoing. 😉
Maybe next time I will do every nail in the same style. 

If you want to create a silver manicure, here are the actual products that I’ve used:
Catrice Essence nail polishesWhat’s you nails of the week? Share the pictures with me please!
And don’t forget to participate in my New purple dream – giveaway.