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May Photo a Day challenge – Day 14 (FMSphotoaday – Need)

Hello my Beauties,

what a stormy day it is…i’m wondering if the spring is thinking about staying at all this year…it seems to be so inconsistent these weeks.

Anyhow, today is Day 14 of our May Photo a Day challenge and the topic is: “Need“.
14. Need: What’s a need in your life? – asks the creator of this challenge Fat Mum Slim.

Of course, i could have gone all philosophical here, talking about the big needs in life, such as love, health and knowledge and maybe simply the roof over your head.
But let’s remind ourselves, that this is still a beauty blog and this challenge suppose to be fun – so my “need” is going to be more of a “want – need”, if you know what i mean. 😉
Meet my absolute “beauty need” – the glorious nail polishes by the german brand P2 cosmetics.
May photo a day challenge - day 14 P2 nailpolishesIf you follow my blog for a while now, you will know that i do own nail polishes by different kind of brands, from very cheap to more expensive ones. You have also seen me raving about P2 for a few times now, but only because i do like the quality, that you get for a really affordable drugstore price. 

Right now there are a few lines, that P2 has on the market, such as the Color Victim (pretty expressive colors), Volume Gloss (shiny & glossy texture – smilar to BarryM Gelly line), Stand Style, Summer Attack (hot metallics – limited edition) and the Perfect Look (nail care polishes). 
Some of you were able to try these polishes as well, either through a giveaway, that i was holding or a parcel swap and every time i got a great feedback. 
Have to admit, i’m very pleased to have a solid drugstore brand, that can hold up to the expensive high-end polishes. 

So my “need” is first of all to always have a neat and well-done manicure and secondly to have some great P2 colors to choose from. 🙂

What is your “need”, my dear readers? To stay with the nail polish theme: do you have a drugstore favorite, that has become your go-to brand? Share your secrets with me. 

Until next time – stay beautiful!

ps: If you want to participate in the Sweet Summer Swap – there is still time to sign up. Check it out now. 


Suprising Spring: A Blushing Affair Giveaway – (Closed)

Hello my Beauties,

how’s your week going? Did you have the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee outside in the sun yet? I’m still hoping to do that very soon… 
But today we are going to continue with the spring giveaway series, that as i promissed is going to last for a whole month. 

Today’s edition starring: A Blushing Affair. Excited about that? 
Blushing affair P2 summer attach blush, Essence Highlightter BlushToday you have the chance to win 3 limited edition items to make your face glow in the spring sun:

  1. Essence highlighter from the Fantasia edition in 01 Elf Yourself (0.31oz/9g)
    Essence highlighter powder in 01 elf yourself
  2. P2 rumble in the jungle duo bronzer from the Summer Attack edition in 010 Tropical Touch (15g)
    P2 Summer Attack 010 tropical touch
  3. Essence blush from the Home Sweet Home edition in 01 Knits For Chicks (0.28oz/8g)
    Essence blush  01 knits for chics Home sweet homeThe rules are going to be as simple as usual: 
    You have to be my follower in order to enter.
    Use Rafflecopter & ENTER HERE this international giveaway, which is going to be open until April the 11rd 2013.

As usual: All entries from multiple or spam accounts, like accounts set up for giveaways only will be banned!!!
Btw, I know who’s entering the giveaways only… *wink wink*

If you TWEET about it, please do it from this blog post page (via share on twitter button) and not from Rafflecopter!!
Thank you and good luck!

Until next time, stay beautiful!


Surprising Spring: A Giveaway a week! – ( Closed )

Hello my Beauties,

how are you doing lately?
My day’s are really busy at the moment and i definitely am ready for the sunny & warm spring to start…any idea where it’s still hiding? (it actually suppose to snow over the next days again…)
I think we need to do something about that and give the spring something to come looking for. Like a nice weekly giveaway 😉
What do you think? Does it sound good? I thought so.

This is going to be the start of the spring giveaway series, that’s going to last for a whole month. I hope you are excited about that.
See By Chloé P2 volume gloss
This time you can win a perfumed shower gel & body lotion (samle size 30ml) from the line See by Chloé and a bright color matching nail polish in the new design & texture by P2 ( a german nail polish brand).

The rules are going to be incredibly simply this time: 
You have to be my follower in order to enter.
So go ahead CLICK HERE and enter this international giveaway, which is going to be open until April the 3rd 2013.
P2 volum gloss 080 grande dame See by Chloe
As usual: All entries from multiple or spam accounts, like accounts set up for giveaways only will be banned!!!

Btw: If you TWEET about it, please do it from this blog post page (via share on twitter button) and not from Rafflecopter!! Thank you!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

PS: The beautiful Trine-Marie is holiding a $30 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.
Make sure to stop by her blog, support & enter as well. Tell her, i said HI 🙂



NOTW – P2 Sand Style 060 strict

Hello my Beauties,

how was your weekend? 

Tonight i’m sharing with you a quick Nail Of The Week, with a short review and swatches. 
You know what a big hype the sand style polishes made in the past month’s. Not only high-end brands came out with the textured polishes, or Liquid Sand, as they are also called, but also drugstore lines seem to jump on the trend train. 

A few weeks ago the german brand P2 announced the launch of their sand style polish collection.
And as you imagine, i was very excited to get one of those to try. 
What i’m wearing today is the P2 Sand Style in Nr. 060 strict
P2 Sand Style Polish 060 strictColor & Finish: It’s a dark, sparkly purple-ish silver with small and big hex glitter. The finish is gravelly and matte, but because of all the glitter, it still looks sparkly. (I hope it makes sense…)

Application & Opacity: Not streaky at all. Already one coat gives a really nice look, but it’s still a little too light. To make sure it’s an even surface, i would always apply the second coat, to also make the color more luscious. (As it also says on the bottle.) 

Drying time: The polish didn’t take long at all to dry. After the first coat i probably waited 4-5 minutes and then applied the second one. After 10 minutes it was completely dry.

Price: 11ml coast 1,95 € in the local drugstore. (I’d say, not a bad price at all.)
P2 Sand Style polish 060 strict
I have to say, i’m quite pleased with the look of the polish on my hands. I will also admit, that the finish feels very unusual and i might be putting a clear polish on tomorrow, but i will definitely give it a try and wear this sand style polish by itself first. 

It’s a really wearable color, even if it has so many sparkles and has therefore a fancy side to it.

Now i’m just curious how easy it’s going to be to get this polish of my nails again. Keep your fingers crossed, it’s easier than the regular glitter polishes…
How do you like the color and the look of sand style polishes in general? Have you tried any yet? Let me know. 

Until next time – stay beautiful. 



♥ P2 Totally Nail’tini or what about Nail Food?! ♥

Hello my Beauties,

recently i got a press release with delicious pictures for the upcoming P2 limited edition, which is sold in my local drugstore. 
Most of you who live outside of Germany will ask, why would you talk about a brand that we probably not going to have access to. And partly you are right, but i actually wanted to talk about nail care in general, as I know i have many nail art addicts as my readers and the press pictures just caught my eye, that i really had to share them with you. 

As you follow my blog, you might have noticed, that i’m not the biggest or the most creative nail art designer our there, even if i try to surprise you every ones in a while, but i always try to keep my nails and cuticles healthy and clean.
That’s why i really like P2 cosmetics. I remember, when it first introduced itself to the stores, it was just a nail care brand, selling creams and serum. Later on P2 changed it’s tactics and started manufacturing also very colorful and fun, but also really good quality nail polishes. That’s when the brand became really popular here. 

When i got the press mail a few day’s ago, i was quite surprised, as the products seemed to be very much hot summer, beach and vacation inspired. Not that i have anything against summer theme, but remember, it’s still winter (yes it’s snowing outside of my window as you read this), and usually companies are coming up with some kind of spring editions. But, without further rambling from my side, let’s take a look on the fun “Totally Nail’tini” goodies.

p2 'Totally Nail’tini' LE Nagellacksets nail polish setsThis is what they call: Nail‘Tini mix’n match nail polish cocktail set.
The stylish and bright trend colors are either highly opaque or very glittery. They can be mixed together, to create a fun festive nail look or simply worn by itself. You are invited to mix different colors and glitter together and see which other color might be the result.   These are always an eye catcher. Available in 010 shiny Manhattan, 020 flashy swimming pool and 030 brilliant cosmopolitan (all vegan). 2 x 7 ml: 3,45 €

Inside the cocktail glass you see the: Nail‘Tini fruit me up! nail sticker.
Nail sticker with numerous fruit theme, such as banana, melon, cherry ect. for a colorful summer inspired nail design.
50 pieces: 1,85 €

And now to the nail care products, that i’m personally really interested in.
P2 XXL Grow Power, UV Protect Top Coat,  Moisturizing Ultra Gel,  6-Step Buffer Nagelfeile  nail fileFrom left to right:
UV light Protect Top Coat – fast drying top coat, that protects your nail polish from fading and keeps your nails shiny.
Vegan. 10 ml: 1,75 €
XXL Grow Power rich on active ingredients, this nail treatment contains the stimulative acerola cherry extract and the moisturizing D-panthenol. It naturally boosts the nail growth and smells like delicious seasoned cherries.
Vegan. 10 ml: 1,65 €
6-Step Buffer nail file – 
each of the 6 steps has a different kind of surface & texture, which helps to get the right shape,  eliminate any roughness, smooth out the area and to polish the nail to an almost shiny finish. (This one really reminds me of the popular buffer Quicky by Manola Cristal)
2,65 €
Moisturizing Ultra Gel –
gives dehydrated nails their elasticity back. Thanks to D-Panthenol, Aloe Vera, vitamin C and E, your nails get the concentrated care at ones.
Vegan. 10 ml: 1,95 €

P2 nail and cuticle treatmentKiwi Cuticle Peeling – siliceous earth and kiwi extract gently removes the dry cuticles. Vegan. 6 ml: 1,95 €
Cuticle Gel with Honey + Propolis –
 especially adjusted for the needs of very dry cuticles. Has an antiseptic effect, which prevents the inflammation of the lacerated spots. Not vegan. 10 ml: 2,75 €
Nail Wax Mango –
 seals and protects the body of the nail and prevents chipping of the nail point. Contains vitamin E,  mango butter and extract. Vegan. 5 ml: 2,75 €

P2 	Nail Food Papaya Pomelo Ananas

Nail Food Papaya – active ingredients strengthen the body of your nails with HexactiveTM (two Aldehydes that provides a Double Hardening effect). Orchid extract moisturizes the nails, while sea algae provide additional elasticity. Has a nice papaya scent. Not vegan. 10 ml: 2,45 €
Nail Food Ananas – same active ingredients, that strengthen the body of the nail with HexactiveTM. Cystine support the nail growth, zinc support the nail flexibility. D-Pabthenol and phospholipid maintain your nails and donate intensive moisture. Has a nice pineapple scent. Vegan. 10 ml: 2,45 €
Nail Food Pomelo – same active ingredients, that strengthen the body of the nail with HexactiveTM. Additional moisture through D-Panthenol, baobab and acacia extract. Cystine support the nail growth. Has a pomelo scent. Not vegan. 10 ml: 2,45 €

So over all it’s a colorful, fruity and fun nail care limited edition, that P2 cosmetics comes out this march. (Isn’t the presentation just truly adorable?)
As you can see, there is a lot to choose from, depending on your own scent preference and what you rather want to take care of.
You can peel, moisturize, protect and smooth. Besides, that would make a great gift for any woman, whether it’s in a cocktail glass or in a cute Easter basket.
I’m definitely going to check out those nail food gel’s. They are basically nourishing nail gel’s with fruity extracts and micro pearls, that you only need to apply (daily if you like) and massage in.
I can tell you already, after a week of daily use, you will see the change in feel and look of your nails & cuticles for sure. (I’ve used something very similar by P2 before.)

What kind of nail care products, (brands and type: wax, gel, peeling) besides the usual base coat, are you using the most?
Have you tried for example the Ginseng nail elixir by ANNY (Nourishing concentrate for brittle and dry nails. Ginseng provides the nails with moisture. Protects and regenerates cracked cuticles. Nails become more resistant and grow back stronger.) I will def keep an eye on that product and really hope to test it soon.

I bet, the nail art lovers will have a lot of great tips for all of us! Please feel free to share.
Tell me if you like me to review any of these products more profound, when they finally come out.

Until next time – stay beautiful!


♥ Winner Announcement & Giveaway Update ♥

Hello my Beauties.

First of all, let me thank everyone, who took the time to stop by my blog and participate in the very first giveaway.
Love reading your comments, suggestions, ideas. It’s always a big fun to interact with you. 

There were so many entries, that i literally was happy Rafflecopter took over the decision and has chosen randomly. 

So im happy to announce the winner of the P2 cosmetics goodies. *Drum Roll*

It’s Polish Alcoholic, a fellow blogger who’s very active here in the WordPress bloggers world, doing pretty amazing polish swatches & nail designs. Congrats to you dear. I really hope you enjoy all the goodies – not only the polishes! 🙂
P2 cosmetics
Dear winner – Please email me the address i can sent your parcel to.
Good luck for the next time to everybody & happy holiday season!! 


♥ International Beauty Giveaway ♥ – (closed)

Hello my Beauties!

Yesterday i checked my statistics and noticed my blog has reached over 100 followers. So to show you how thankful i am for all of your support, comments and tips, i’ve decided to do my first giveaway in the history of this blog. 🙂
I really appreciate all the kind words & all the smiles you gave me, my friends, readers and fellow bloggers.

I wanted to have a little ‘theme’ to the prizes in this giveaway. So i decided to go for a brand that probably most of you wont be able to get anywhere outside of Germany, as it seems to be a brand that doesn’t export yet. But as i really enjoy the products by P2 cosmetics, i wanted to share some of them with my dear followers! I picked some of my favorites, that you might want to use for your holiday looks and nail designs! (if you do, please don’t forget to share some pictures!) As you see its purple & gold inspired! 

I hope you are as excited as i am. 

12 prizes by P2 cosmetics

Details to enter the giveaway are:
Please fill out the Rafflecopter below & follow the instructions.
It’s open internationally and one winner will be chosen at random.
(I really hope Rafflecopter will work as an external link – look at the end of the post – as i can’t insert it on my basic wordpress)
I assure you that all the products have been bought with my own money.

All entries from multiple or spam accounts, like accounts set up for giveaways only will be banned!!!
I want these goodies to go to my real followers & readers!

In order to be entered into this giveaway
you MUST be a follower of Beauty expression by Luchessa on WordPress or via email since it’s for my followers only (extra points if you follow me on Hellocotton or Twitter) AND you HAVE TO comment under this post, telling mo how you found this blog. The giveaway will be open until the 14’th of dezember (GMT + 1:00).

In the makeup bag you will find:

  1. 860 ready to rock nail polish
  2. 880 fancy fairytale nail polish
  3. glamorous finish holo top coat in 040 just fantastic
  4. nail food ananas – nourishing nail tretment for slowly growing nails
  5. perfect face pore minimizer – reduces the visibility of pores, evens out imperfections
  6. lovely doll eyes mascara (carbon black) in 010 twinkle star
  7. khol eyeliner in 090 stylish great britain
  8. fantastic chrome khol in 020 wild amethyst
  9. fantastic chrome khol in 010 golden amber
  10. keep the secret evermore daring lip top coat (extremely pearlized gloss) in 010 golden burst
  11. sheer glam lipstick in 090 sex and the city (glossy and balmy with a sheer color)
  12. beauty insider waterproof liquid eyeliner in 010 full action black

12 prizes by P2 cosmetics

these four are def my favorites of the bunch!
p2 cosmetics products
Don’t forget to spread the word 😉

 Enter here
open link & scroll down

There you have it my Beauties. Have fun and good luck!
If you have any additional questions, just email me at