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Avene Skin Care Travel Kit Giveaway

Hello my Beauties,

are you enjoying the first week of june? Is it already flip-flop weather in your area? It looks like it’s getting better here and we are slowly moving away from “november weather” to “march”…yeay. I don’t give up hope to have a really warm june here. *Fingers crossed*

So today i have good news for you.
You can be the {June – Winner} of the Avene Skin Care Travel Kit, which i talked about a few months ago.
And as that post had a lot of great feedback, i’ve decided to give one of you the chance to get your hands on these Avene products, which i find are great for warm summer weather.

The kit contains Thermal Spring Water (50ml), an Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion (50ml) and a Skin Recovery soothing Cream/Mask (5ml).  And these products come in a fun little pouch, that’s just perfect size to have in your purse.
I use Avene products for quite some time now and can really recommend them. 
Avene Skin Care travel size kit and cosmetic bagYou can read the whole post and decide whether you want to enter or not. 😉
Take a look: 
♥ Avene Skin Care Travel Kit ♥.

The giveaway is as usual international (not sponsored) and will run until June 23th.
In case you would like to enter, click on the {Rafflecopter}.

Good luck everyone.
Until next time – stay beautiful.


Featuring Rebecca and the Power of Cleansers

Hello my Beauties,

how are you doing these days? I hope everyone is about to enjoy a long weekend. 

Today i would like you to meet a great beauty blogger: Rebecca from The Lipstick Gal. 

As her blog name probably tells, she writes not only about different kind of cosmetics, accessories and nail polishes, but she is a huge lipstick fan and goes with a great motto through the day: 
“When All Else Fails, Wear More Red Lipstick”. I’m sure if you ever had any “how to wear red lipstick best” questions, you will find the answers on Rebecca’s blog. 
I asked her to write a guest post on her favorite facial cleansers, as this is still the time of the year, when we should take good care of our skin. And this was the result.

Hello everyone

I accidentally fell into beauty blogging. I didn’t mean to. I really did it as a way of encouraging myself to be more proactive about my physical appearance. What I didn’t expect was the amazing community of beauty bloggers I would encounter.
Today I’m very pleased to write this guest post for the amazing Luchessa! I’ve always enjoyed reading her posts, and am honored to write one for her blog.

Cleansing is one of my least favorite things to do. I’ve done my best to make it easy for myself. I’ve given myself permission to splurge on skin care items.
Last summer I purchased a Clarisonic face brush. It’s really changed the way my skin feels. I no longer get dry patches in the winter, and I don’t need to do exfoliating treatments once a week. My skin feel more balanced, and healthy. I know they’re expensive, but its an investment truly worth making. I only use my Clarisonic once a day in the shower.
Clarisonic face brushSeveral months ago I received a 2 ounce sample (59 mL) of DDF Brightening Cleanser in the mail from my sample subscription service Birchbox. I’m just about to finish up this sample, but I love how this face wash has worked for me.
It specifically works to lighten hyper-pigmentation spots.
I do have some freckles and larger hyper-pigmentation spots on my face, and it’s nice to have a cleanser that addresses those problems in the shower.

This cleanser foams up quite a bit, so I only need a small amount on my Clarisonic brush every morning.
It’s lasted me quite a while. I’m about to need a larger bottle. 
DDF BRIGHTENING CLEANSERMoisturizing and putting on makeup has always been the easy part. Taking it all off at the end of the day is the hard part.
I’ve been wearing makeup for 24 years. For many of those years, I would just plop into bed without removing my makeup.
Terrible, I know…
In the past 5 years I’ve been making a concerted effort to remove my makeup and apply a night cream before bedtime.
I’d say it’s gotten a lot easier once I found
Boscia’s Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil.
I was introduced to this as a 2 ounce sample (59 mL) from Ulta. I have since moved on to the full size bottle.
Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing OilMy favorite way to use it, is to take half a pump and spread it between two hands. I start applying it to my dry face just below my orbital sockets, then take it up to my eyebrows.
I don’t want to get the majority of it directly on my eyelids, or I could get some in my eyes. So I start by spreading some of it around my eye area.
By this time, I can start applying it to my eyelids. I find that the oil keeps my fingers from creating friction and pulling my skin. The longer I massage the cleansing oil to my eyelids, the more I feel my mascara and eye makeup break down.
Once I don’t feel anymore eye makeup on my lids or lashes, I run my hands over the rest of my face to break down the foundation and powder I’ve been wearing all day.
Now, you can either splash with water or use a wet wash cloth.
I prefer a wash cloth because every time I splash with water I find that I get water everywhere. I also find that a wash cloth makes sure I clean up all the corners of my eyes.

I know the idea of a cleaning your face with an oil seems counter intuitive, but it’s really amazing.
It leaves my face feeling soft, and from start to finish, it only takes 60 seconds. I haven’t found a faster way to clean my face at night without getting myself all wet.
clarisonic DDF Boscia cleansers                                    (Images taken from the official sites)
I do have many other cleansing items in my arsenal, but these are just three of my favorites. What are you using these days to take it all off? Is there a product you swear by? I’m always on the lookout for something amazing.

Thanks again Luchessa for the chance to write this post for your blog!

That’s all for today, my Beauties. I recommend to stop by Rebecca’s blog and chat with her on Twitter.
Don’t forget to say HI from me. 

Until next time – stay beautiful!

PS: Of course don’t forget to stop by my current Surprising Spring Giveaway. 😉


♥ Avene Skin Care Travel Kit ♥

Hello my Beauties,

hope you are having a lovely day so far.
Today i would like to talk about a nice little Skin Care Travel Kit, that i discovered in my local pharmacy. I don’t know if you can get Avene in drugstores where you live, but in Germany it’s mostly a pharmacy brand, such as Vichy, La Roche Posay and sometimes even Bioderma.
Avene beruhigende Pflege set travel size skin care kitWe all love mini travel sized products, since they are easy to just test out or really to have it with you on a go.
This new kit caught my eye, because it came in a really adorable girly little pouch or cosmetic bag, that you can easily throw in your purse and keep your favorite daily beauty items in it.
(The surface of the bag can be cleaned very easily with a wet towel, so don’t be afraid to just leave it on the bottom of your purse.)
Avene skin care cosmetic bag
The products inside are:

1)  Avene Thermal Spring Water (50ml) – soothes , hydrates and rejuvenates your skin after dermatological procedures or simply works as a refresher during the hot and humid summer time or helps your skin after spending time in dry heated rooms during winter. 
2) Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion (50ml) – it’s for those of us with the most intolerant skin. This soap-free, soothing cleanser helps to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities. My skin feels completely comfortable after using this lotion. 
3) Avene Skin Recovery soothing Cream/Mask (5ml) – soothes, relieves irritation, and protects reactive and delicate skin types. Works well as a hydrating mask when applied for 10-15 minutes.
Avene Skin Care kit
I have been using the products, since the kit came out in the beginning of february.
The cream mask is obviously already gone, since it was a really little tube. It had the usual very creamy, quite think texture to it, but i had no problems with spreading it over my face. After 5 minutes it was still a little bit sticky, but as it works also as a mask, it obviously can not be absorbed that quickly from your skin, which is fine.

There is still the half of the milky looking cleanser lotion left, because a little bit of the product on a cotton pad goes a long way, especially if i’m not wearing a heavy makeup that day, that needs to be removed. I feels really gentle and doesn’t make me break out, nor give me a rash. And you know my skin is pretty sensitive, so i’m usually really picky with my face products. 

I used up the half of the thermal water, since i like to spray it all over my face, when i’m done cleansing and moisturizing. It gives such a nice fresh feel to my face. This is the kind of product i have been using for probably around 2 years now. Mostly in summer on the go. You know how humid & dirty big town streets can get, when it’s about +30°C outside. You just have to have a refreshing spray or wet little portable towels with you. 

Avene Skin Care travel size kit and cosmetic bagI see people using these products with any skin type, even if it says for sensitive skin. And the small travel size bottles & tubes makes it easy to be “brave” and just test them out. Besides it would make an adorable little present for your girlfriend, sister or mom.
When i’m done with my Biodroga Institute Mask, i might be getting that Skin Recovery soothing Cream/Mask in full size, since it looks like my skin quite enjoys the soothing effect of it. 

Tell me, Beauties – have you used any Avène products before? If so, which is your most favorite one and why? Have you spotted this little travel size kit anywhere in your area? I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time – stay beautiful.

*disclaimer: this is not a sponsored review, and everything written in this post are my own honest thoughts and opinions*