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May Photo a Day Challenge – Day 19 (FMSphotoaday – My favorite view)

Hello my Beauties,

how is your weekend so far??
Today i’m going to tell you about “My favorite View“, since it’s Day 19 in the May Photo a Day challenge.

Without any further rambling, i’m presenting to you The Bolderaja beach in Riga, Latvia.
One of the most underestimated and peaceful, but also stormy and full of life places i have ever been to.
My favorite view Bolderaja beach RigaI love being at the beach. But not in the common understanding of it.
I don’t like to sunbathe, or swim in the ocean (well only sometimes, when it’s really warm, which the Baltic Sea is definitely not). 
My preferece is to take a long walk along the waves, while listening to the power of the sea and looking at seagulls flying over my head. 
After a while i simply feel, how my energy is being restored and my spirit is free of concern.

Ever since i was at the beach for the first time in my life, i fell in love with the ambience.
So every time i get the chance to be there, even if it’s for one day only, i tend to take hundreds of pictures and enjoy it as much as i can. 

Here, see for yourself what i’m talking about – thanks to my lovely friend Ms.O – who caught me “in action” 😉 
My favorite view Jurmala, LatviaTaking pictures on another stormy beach in Jurmala, Latvia (one of the most popular resort towns in Baltic States).

And what is your most favorite views, dear readers?
Do you love the sea & beach as much as i do or do you have your very different special place to be?
Share your photos or blog posts with me down below or via Twitter, using the hash tag:

Until next time – stay beautiful.

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May Photo a Day Challenge – Day 16 (FMSphotoaday – Mailbox)

Hello my Beauties. 

Today is Day 16 of the May Photo a Day Challenge and i want to thank everyone who has participated so far and shared all the wonderful post links and Twitter photos with me (#FMSphotoaday). It’s always fun to see, how you interpret the challenge. 

16. Mailbox: Take a photo of yours, or someone elses.

Ok guys, i have to admit, my mailbox is incredibly boring, just the very regular type and not worth even showing on my blog. 
What i find much more interesting, is the mail that actually comes in pretty often. 
As i do have many great friends all around the world, i tend to get mail a few times a month and of course i send things out as well. 
So it’s just one big coming & going here, that looks something like this:
may photo a day challenge mailI really enjoy the process of hunting for some cool personalized items, get it into a pretty box and send it to my friends. 
If there was a job as Ms.Santa Claus, i would apply for sure!!

What does your mail(box) look like? Don’t tell me, it’s just bills…

Until next time – stay beautiful!!

ps: if you missed the beginning of the challenge and you want to catch up, try Day 1.


May Photo a Day Challenge – Day 13 (FMSphotoaday – Sunset)

Hello my Beauties,

happy new week! Wishing you a great fresh & successful start today.

It’s already Day 13 of the May Photo a Day challenge and the topic is: “Sunset“.

This is how the creator of the challenge describes the task:
13. Sunrise/Sunset: Choose one or both, and take some time to see the sun wake or go to sleep.
May photo a day challenge sunset La Palma Alright, so because it’s such an incredibly gloomy, grey & dark day here, i’m sure no one wants to see the rainy sky…
That’s why i decided to go with a picture of this beautiful sunset, taken some time ago in La Palma the most north-westerly of the Canary Islands.
It’s a wonderful volcanic ocean island, with great views and those big palm trees, that i love so much.

This is basically how i see the perfect sunset.
Sitting at the ocean, listening to the beat of the waves and watching the sun slowly going to sleep.
That’s definitely the part i miss the  most, when i think about vacation…

What about you, my Beauties? What is your favorite place to watch a colorful sunset or maybe even a sunrise? 
Share your photos with me via Twitter using the hash tag: #FMSphotoaday.

Until next time – stay beautiful!

ps: don’t forget to stop by the Polish Alcoholic & mine Sweet Summer Swap to sign up. The more the merrier.


May Photo a Day Challenge – Day 12 (FMSphotoaday – Mother)

Hello my Beauties,

“Mother is just a simple word
yet it’s especially dear… 
And it seems to mean much
more with each passing year…

Each word of Love and Affection
describes you mother…

It’s a word that’s filled with love, 
a word that reflects everything that’s
wonderful – Wonderful just like you.”

Today it’s not just any sunday, but Mother’s Day.
And so many of us all around world are celebrating this such important day and the gorgeous women, who gave life to us. 

Of course  Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim who actually came up with the idea for the
May Photo a Day challenge, has thought of this special day & included the topic:
Mother” on May 12th! (btw: Here is my Day 1 in case you missed it)

12. Mother: It’s Mother’s Day. Take a photo of a mother figure, or if you’re a mum – perhaps yourself.
Or what the word mother means to you.

I really wanted to find some special photos of my mom, that really show the site of her, that i really love.
Her ability to make me laugh. 

May Photo a Day challenge Day 12 Mother Mother's DaySometimes it can be a crazy family story or something ridiculously funny from my early childhood, that makes us sit for hours in the kitchen, have tea and laugh. I treasure moments like these so much!

This is a picture of my mom, when she was around 24 and i bet she was singing or telling a funny story to my dad, while he took pictures of her.  Don’t you just wish you could have been there, that very moment, when you see those old pictures of your parents?!

Love & respect your mother’s – they earned it! Have a wonderful sunday & enjoy Mother’s Day!
Tell me, what is your most favorite photo of your mother?

Please share your links below or via Twitter using the hash tag: #FMSphotoaday.
I would really love to see your posts!

Until next time – stay beautiful!

ps: If you would like to participate in the Sweet Summer Swap – you’re invited to sign up.


May Photo a Day Challenge – Day 10 (FMSphotoaday – Stars)

Hello my Beauties,

TGIF! We made it. Only a few hours left and we all can lean back and enjoy the warm & sunny weekend.
What is everyone up to? Share your fabulous plans, make me jealous! 😉

Today is Day 10 of to May Photo Challenge  and our topic is – Star(s).

I decided to go for something, that you would probably not expect, when thinking of stars. I wanted this photo to combine something colorful, as i love fresh & bright colors, but also a part of the history & city i live in. 
So here we go. Can you guess what it is and where the star is?!
east side galleryDid you get it right? It says: USSR. Gagarin (the famous Russian Astronaut – 1st man in space). Vysotsky (an extremely influential Soviet poet, songwriter, singer and actor who marked his own era).

So YES – that is a glimpse of the East Side Gallery, the longest permanent open-air-gallery in the world (1316m), which is situated in Berlin-Friedrichshain & consists of former pieces of the Wall which divided Berlin from 1963 to 1989.
In 1990 118 artists from 21 countries painted on it.
It’s always worth taking a walk along the gallery with someone who likes history & art and has never been to Berlin. 

If you are interested in seeing more of the East Side Gallery, make sure to comment and i will virtually walk with you, showing the best parts of the wall sometime soon. There are some very interesting & powerful paintings on there.

That’s my star for today.
Share you links below or via Twitter using the hash tag: #FMSphotoaday.
Until next time – stay beautiful!!

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MAY PHOTO A DAY CHALLENGE – Day 8 (FMSphotoaday – Shape)

Hello my Beauties,

it’s wednesday and we are just a few day’s away from the weekend. Hope the week is going well for you so far!

Let’s see, what we got today. It’s Day 8 of the May Photo a Day challenge and today’s topic is: Shape!
Bohemian art glass vase may photo a day challenge shape
I’m sharing with you one of my most favorite things, that are in my apartment.
It’s a bohemian art glass vase, which is more like an interesting shaped bowl, rather than a vase. It’s very eye-catchy.
(Doesn’t it look like a mini jet on the lower right picture to you?!)

Since the 13’s century the decorative glass was produced in regions of Bohemia & Silesia, now in the current state of the Czech Republic.
To these day’s blown and crystal glass is still one of the most sold souvenirs from that region.
It’s always so beautifully colorful. Each piece is unique.
Usually i would have some candy or small fruits in there, since it makes such a great decoration on the dining room table.

What’s the shape you are most excited about, that can be found at your home or in your surrounding? Leave me a comment.
Share your pictures on Twitter (#FMSphotoaday) or with a link below. I would love to see them. 

Until next time – stay beautiful!!

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Hello my Beauties,

how’s your week going so far?
Are you rocking your new favorite spring heels on the streets of London, New York, Rome, Melbourne and Singapore?
I have to say, i recently re-discovered wearing heels again. Yes, i was lazy when it came to shoes lately. I went from chic to comfy. (Shame on me…)
But now, that it’s finally spring outside, i decided to wear bold & beautiful heels again. And you know what – i’m proud of myself! 

Today it’s Day 7 of the May Photo a Day challenge and the topic is:
“Something beginning with F”.

may photo a day challenge day 7 Fruits
7. Something beginning with F: Find something beginning with the letter F and take a photo.

My “F” is (fresh) Fruits. I love fruits in combination with different kind of berries for breakfast. A bowl like this, full of papaya, kiwi and cranberries can be such a refreshing starts of the day. Besides all the obvious vitamins, it’s just so very delicious.
What kind of fruits do you prefer? Is there anything that you eat for beauty reasons – like antioxidance or vitamin E?

If you’re participating in this challenge, share your links below & tweet your photos with a hash tag: #FMSphotoaday
In case you missed it – HERE you will find my Day 1 , will all the rules.

Until next time – stay beautiful.

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MAY PHOTO A DAY CHALLENGE – Day 6 (FMSphotoaday – Broken)

Hello my Beauties,

happy new week! Are you feeling refreshed after the weekend?

It’s Day 6 of the May Photo a Day Challenge and the topic is: “Broken”.
may photo a day challenge6. Broken: Is there something broken around you? Shoot and share it.

I had to think about this one actually a bit longer, since i don’t keep things that are broken.

But the object i’m about to show you right now i still do own. That’s one of my most used face powders that i have ever purchased.
It’s L’oreal perfect match powder. It mattifies, evens skin tone and hides imperfections.

For 4-5 hours it really does a great job, at least for my skin type. (combination & sensitive skin).
may photo a day challenge day 6 brokenAnd here you can already see my issue with this product. As much as i love the powder itself, i really have a love-hate relationship with the packaging. That’s just a no-go.

I guess i should mention, that THIS is my third time buying this powder and the lid does break off EVERY single time.
Which makes it impossible for me to have it in my purse on the go or while traveling.
Means i have to have at least another powder for that matter. 

Why can’t they just make a sturdy packaging? I feel like to that price range a customer can really ask for a better lid?! Can’t I?!
Does anyone else has the same problem? Tell me about it? Are there any tricks how to avoid it?

Are you participating in this challenge? Let me know and share your pics using #FMSphotoaday on Twitter.
If you’d like to see the previous post’s, you can find them here:
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.

Until next time – stay beautiful.



MAY PHOTO A DAY CHALLENGE – Day 5 (FMSphotoaday – Paper – Vogue)

Hello my Beauties,

happy sunday to you. Hope you’re having a lovely day with your family & friends, enjoying the start of the grill season.
As you might already noticed from the title, it’s Day 5 of our May Photo a Day Challenge and it’s time to talk about Paper.
may photo a day challenge

5. Paper: Is it a bill? Newspaper? A letter or a heartfelt card you received? Find paper around you.

This wasn’t particularly hard to decide for me, since i wanted to keep this challenge as much beauty or fashion related as possible.
And there is only one real “paper” that works any season or country – and it calls Vogue!
(I know my dear friend Heidi, whose birthday is tomorrow would be so proud of me right now.)
That’s where i got my big love for Vogue from.

Vogue España may 2013                                    (click to enlarge)
For a few years now i’m collecting this wonderful magazine from all the different countries.
I like to see how different the content is and where a particular county does put the focus on.
Besides – who doesn’t like to find out who’s the cover girl is?!

The photo i’m presenting to you today is the fresh print of the Vogue España may 2013 edition.
Editor-in-Chief Yolanda Sacristán. As i speak spanish, i can already tell you right now, that i’m so going to enjoy reading this magazine over the next week!

As most of you know, Vogue is an American fashion & lifestyle magazine that’s being published monthly in many national and regional edition.
The number of the regional publications seem to unfortunatelly depend on the economic situation.
For example the greek edition of Vogue Hellas has closed it’s doors in november 2012.

Personally i find this fact very sad, since Vogue was a big contribution to the greek fashion industry and publication.
So i’m kind of happy that a friend of mine brought me a copy of Vogue Hellas back in september 2011.
These day’s it’s a collective item, i guess.
Happily giving you a peek on this one as well, even if it’s not part of the challenge anymore. But i guess it’s still fit’s the topic.
Vogue Hellas greek Vogue september issue 2011                                     (Click to enlarge)
Beautiful fashion article on Sarah Jessica Parker and family.
Sarah Jessica Parker M.Broderick in Vogue Hellas september issue 2011Thats i why i love different kind of  Vogue issues, since each one has it’s unique articles and fashion spreads.
I could definitely go on and on about Vogue, as you might have noticed.

But this is going to be it for today. 
What’s your favorite “paper” at the moment?

If you’re participating in the photo challenge, let me know and share it also on Twitter, using the hash tag: #FMSphotoaday.
For the case you missed the very first post of the challenge, where it all started, you can find it HERE.

Until next time – stay beautiful!


MAY PHOTO A DAY CHALLENGE – Day 4 (FMSphotoaday – In My Cup)

Hello my Beauties,

happy weekend to you.
Hope it’s an especially warm and sunny day where you live, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea somewhere outside. 

Speaking of a cup – we are coming along pretty well so far in this photo challenge, don’t you think? I’ve seen a few pretty great photo’s, that some of you have been taking these days. 
may photo a day challengeToday’s task would be to share a photo under the theme of: “In My Cup”.
I’ve been thinking about different things, that i use my cup for, like the obvious ones – tea & coffee, but also soups from those especially big cups or layered desserts. 

I’m going to share with you one of my favorite ideas of what just had to be in a cup. 
May photo a day challenge day 4Ok i know, this is actually more than one particular photo, it’s more of a photo collage, but i really wanted you to have a good overview on what’s inside the cup.

On the left you have some of the most delicious freshly made mixed chocolate from the store Fassbender & Rausch, which makes amazing chocolate truffles and candies! The chocolate i have at the moment comes with ginger and red pepper.
I like it, when it’s a bit different. 

And on the right in my beautiful birch cup is the fresh Jasmine Dragon Pearls green tea from the Teavana store, that comes in form of those little balls and open up when you pour hot watter in.
A little bit goes a long way, you only need a few of them, to get a really great flavor. 

A friend of mine sent me this great tea to enjoy, since i’m a well known tea drinker.

What is in Your cup these days? Please share it with me.
Don’t forget to use the hash tag: #FMSphotoaday on Twitter so others can see your photos as well.

Until next time – stay beautiful.