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The Weekly Round-Up – take 2

Hello my Beauties,

it’s sunday again and i dare to say, it really looks like spring is finally here. It’s a sunny warm day, the birds are happily singing and i see people sitting outside and having ice cream everywhere. ūüôā

You and I are going to have another weekly round-up party here, where i share with you my favorite posts of the past week, written by talented fellow bloggers.
If you want to participate you should simply:

1) Write a list of your favorite blog posts.
2) Publish the “round-up” picture as seen below.
3) And of course link up with the hosts of this party: High Heeled Love and My So Called Chaos. 


My most favorite posts this week:

1)¬†Kellie from¬†le zoe musings¬†published a wonderful & really creative DIY post on how to decorate a special object like the mini¬†Eiffel Tower, to make it more suitable for the person you love. With little handwritten notes, flowers and lights the¬†Eiffel Tower became a beautiful centerpiece of the desert table of a big event. I loved Kellie’s romantic pictures. But stop by and see for yourself:
PARIS, A Gift!

2)¬†Kaye from Beautiful Kayekie¬†became a .com site this week and is now a “grown up blog” so to speak.
In the post How To Customise Your Blog Domain she talks about all the little details, that count, when making the big move. 
This one is going to be useful for those, who are thinking about going self-hosted for sure. 

3)¬†Jade Isabelle¬†¬†from Jadeisabelle Blog¬†wrote a nice preview on the new product range by Benefit Cosmetics. And as i’m a big fan of this brand, it caught my eye immediately.¬†Ultra Plush Lip Gloss¬†is about to be launched in may and let me tell you, the packaging, which is Art Deco design of San Francisco‚Äôs Golden Gate Bridge inspired¬†and the colors are quite delicious! I can’t wait to see those products in action.

4) Melissa from¬†Pink Lady Beauty¬†did a great review on the¬†MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation, which i was interested to try. I haven’t had any MAC foundations yet and it’s interesting to see what other beauty blogger say about the product first.
I guess we all do some research, before investing some good money in a product like that. So Melissa did some  swatch comparisons and blending in her post. I think her skin looks quite  flawless, which make me want to try this foundation.

Enjoy these posts my dear readers, as well as getting to know these wonderful bloggers & feel free to share your favorite ones with me as well.
I like to hear from you.
The weekly round-up with luchessa(Pictures taken from each of the sites, all rights on these belong to the mentioned bloggers.)

Until next time – stay beautiful!

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Featuring Alessia – Whispers From Angels

Hello my Beauties.

Today i would love to feature a fellow beauty blogger Alessia, who i met a few months ago on my journey through the blogging world.
She has a wonderful blog with a lovely name: Whispers From Angels. I would say, that’s a catching one. Don’t you think? You can find great posts on accessories, fashion in general, everything vintage, cosmetics and DIY ideas on her blog.
Alessia whispers from angels
I asked Alessia a few questions about her life, her blogging experience and her goals. 
Find out what she had to say. Enjoy!

Hello dear,

  1. Where were you born?
    I was born &  lived  in Italia in a beautiful beach town. 
  2. Where do you live right now?
    I live in the UK and have done since i was 4, not as hot as Italia, but hey!
  3. Where is your favorite place to be? 
    ¬†A beach in Italia is my favourite place to be! The sound of my language, the weather and how it’s so chilled out there with amazing smell of fresh food!¬†
  4. What was your dream job when you were a kid? 
    My dream job was to be a nurse ūüôā
  5. What do you do now?
    ¬†I am a children’s outreach worker, i work with families and children within many areas, such as domestic violence.
  6. When did you decide it was time to become a beauty blogger?
     I started with doing vintage, after my mama discovered the world of blogs. Then through that i found beauty blogs and they inspired me so around may 2012.
  7. What were your best and worst beauty experiences of 2012? 
    My best beauty experiences were discovering Bioderma and Vichy cleansing wash!! My skin loves them both.
    My worst has to be stick to the nailpolishes i know & trust because i wasted money on other brands that chipped after one day and that irritates me!
  8. Have you discovered anything new (about yourself and others) during your blogging career?
     I have learned to believe in myself and know that i can do this.
    Blogging has allowed me to meet some amazing people and to grow in confidence.
  9. What would you recommend to a newbie in the blogosphere?
    To a newbie i would say, don’t listen to others, who dictate on how your blog should be, its YOUR blog so enjoy it.
    Dont worry about “rules” as there aren’t any!
  10. Do you have a motto that you live by?
    Dont take the ones you love for granted, appreciate and love every moment with each of them!
  11. Is there something your readers don’t know about you yet and would be surprised to know?
    I don’t think there is anything suprising…what about the fact that i hate celery!? ūüėČ
  12. Do you plan anything super special for 2013 regarding your everyday life and your blog?
    2013 is going to be the year I grow as a blogger, and will finally get a good camera!
    I also plan to attend more blogger events and meetups.
  13. Can you be found on any other platforms other than your own blog? 
    You can find me on youtube ūüôā
  14. Please tell us about your current beauty secret, that you’ve been obsessed with lately.
    My current beauty¬†must have, that I¬†can’t get enough of is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation!
    It covers, brightens and lasts! I find this to be such an amazing product and would highly recommend it to anyone!
    (Alessia did a great Review! on the Wake Me Up Foundation)

    Wake Me Up Foundation Rimmel                                                      (Picture taken from the RimmelLondon UK site)

It’s really nice to get to know you a little better, Alessia. Thank you for the answers. That was fun.
My dear readers, please feel free to visit Alessia’s blog and her youtube channel (and say “hi” from me).
I’m sure you don’t want to miss any of her updates.
Whispers From Angels Alessia
Thanks for reading & until next time – stay beautiful!


‚ô• Being featured and becoming a sponsor in one week‚ô•

Hello my Beauties.

I have to tell you, this has been an exciting week so far. Besides of being a little under the weather and incredibly busy, i was also lucky enough to get featured in one of my favorite beauty bloggers post.
Donah the SweetJellyBean, who you might have heard me raving about before, made a great collaborative article on bloggers favorite toners and called it:
“Favourite Facial Toners & Mists from Around the World”¬†– a title straight to the point, if you ask me, since all the bloggers are from different corners of our planet, which made it even more fun!

Tonercollaboration1Collage courtesy of SweetJellyBean.

I participated with my blog post, that i did back in december 2012 about the Kiehl’s Açaí Damage-Protecting Toning Mist, which got a lot of attention.
Here is what Donah said about this collaborative blog post beforehand:

Hello Everyone! Today’s post is rather special! I’ve approached some of my favourite bloggers and invited them to share some of their best-kept secrets (well, not anymore!) in terms of staying fresh and beautiful no matter what the weather is. With the harsh cold winter months (or hot summery weather), we have to make sure our skin receives that tender loving care at all times, to prevent drying, flakiness and even irritation. And this post will tell you about some of the best products out there you can get your hands on, in the form of facial toners or mists! A must-have not only during the scorching heat of summer but also the freezing cold of winter.

So, are you ready to meet the awesome bloggers and their favourite toners and/or mists? Let me start this beauty tour and share one of my must-haves in my handbag!


If you like to read which products every blogger was pointing out, and who exactly those bloggers are, you can find it on Donah’s blog:¬†


The other not less exciting thing is, that i became a sponsor of a very cool fashion blogger. Nia believes, that fashion is art and get’s her inspiration from fashion events & blogs and her daily life.
It feels really good to be represented a little bit on her blog and getting also some creative inspiration. If some of Nia’s reader find my blog interesting and leave me their feedback, i’d be most delighted!
cherryfashionblogPicture from
Stop by Nia’s Cherryfashionblog¬†– you might love it as much as I do! ūüôā


Hope you are all doing well this week and can share my happiness today, my Beauties.
Stay motivated. I’m waiting for your inspiring blog posts! ūüôā