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NOTD + Featured nail art + mini Giveaway (closed)


Hello my Beauties,

how are you doing?
Today’s post has 3 different parts, that i’m sure you are going to like. So grab your favorite cup of tea & let’s begin.

By the end of march my Twitter friend Radi and i have decided to do a little nail polish swap. As Radi lives in Bulgaria she was kind enough to offer me some of the polishes that are being sold there & i on my part of course picked out a few german based brands for her. 
You can see her post on the swap HERE. She also did a beautiful design with the KIKO Sugar matt, that was originally the idea for a swap. 

Today i got the parcel from Bulgaria and obviously couldn’t wait to try some of the sparkling goodies, that i’ve found inside. 
Perfect nail polish, Golden Rose jolly jewels 103I tried my best to take a few good pictures in today’s horrible light, but the gloomy & grey weather didn’t make it easier for me. I really hope you get the idea anyways.
golden rose jolly jewels 103, perfect nail polish nail designAs you can see the “Perfect” base coat appears much more purplish in the flash light. 
The Jolly Jewels polish has quite a thick consistency and is really opaque in just one coat.
golden rose jolly jewels 103, perfect nail polish bulgarian brandIn this shot the “shiny jewels” are much more noticeable & visible. They have a lovely rose gold shimmer to it.
I really like how the two polishes became one mani. Now i’m really curious for how long it’s going to stay on my nails.
Have you tried any of these polishes yet?

As the second part of the post i would like to share with you Radi’s guest post with you. I asked her to do a nice & fun spring nail art and she did a really great job, if you ask me. But see for yourself and don’t forget to visit her blog, to see more great swatches and design ideas.

Hello everyone!
This is my first guest post I`m making for Luchessa`s blog and I hope you like it!
I`ll show you Step by Step how to paint these cute ladybugs on my nails.
 ladybugs nail designFirst are the things you`ll need:
nail art tools and nail polishesBase coat, pink polish, top coat, black, white and acrylic paint, regular and detailed brush.
ladybugs nail design steps

1. Make the pink french and when it`s dry paint the bodies of the ladybugs next to each other.
2. Outline the ladybugs with black acrylic paint. Make their legs, dots and heads, too.
3. Make two white dots and smaller black ones over them in every ladybug`s head as eyes.
And a little waterry white paint onto the wings` edge.
4. Cover with top coat!
And here is one closer look of theese cute ladybugs on my both hands:
ladybug nail designAnd this is the complete look of the design:
ladybugs nail design

Hope you like it and it`s useful to those of you who like painting their nails.
All the best, 
So what do you think, Beauties? Isn’t it just a cute mani? If you try to do it yourself, make sure to take a picture and tweet it to Radi, who can of course be found on Twitter HERE.
And now to the last part of this post. For those of you, who read it until this point, it should be worth it. 😉
You can WIN a great Golden Rose rich color nail polish in 07, sponsored by Radi.
rich color 07And a KIKO sugar matt 641 strawberry pink (sand polish) + a Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick in 816 Pearly Hot Pink (bought by me), that’s going to match the polish color perfectly!
Kiko sugar matt stylo lipstic  giveawayAll 3 products are part of the Pink Dream Giveaway, which is going to run for a week, until April 18th and the winner is going to be picked via
And the rules for this international Giveaway are going to be very simple:
1) Follow Radi’s blog via or email,
2) Follow me via WordPress or email,
3) Tell me in the comments below how you follow AND:
Good luck everyone and stay beautiful until next time!


Author: Luchessa

I’m a thirty-something metropolis girl, with experience of living on different continents, speaking several languages, a big passion for skin care, especially Korean beauty, traveling and an urge to share my knowledge and tricks that I've learned over the past years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

36 thoughts on “NOTD + Featured nail art + mini Giveaway (closed)

  1. These nail looks are gorgeous – esp the ladybird! I also like the top look with the gold 🙂 So pretty! My favourite for spring is the ladybird!

    I follow both blogs by email 🙂

    Good luck everyone! xx

  2. Cute! I’m especially impressed by the lady bug design!
    And the jewel one works well with purple too… Maybe in the fall?
    Right now I’m loving pales ping with grey! Fresh but I can keep it discreet!
    I follow both blogs in my wordpress reader.
    And what a great idea to have a nail polish exchange across borders!

  3. I’m follow Radi’s blog via livingbelowtheclouds
    I’m following you via email:
    This spring my favorite combination is any color with glitter tips

  4. I wonder of L’Oreal makes polish for Perfect? The bottle is very much like L’Oreal’s & the font on the bottle is identical (or o close I cannot see the difference…but then I am gone from home and don’t have access right now to look at Loreal polish. Your art work is gorg!

    • Can’t tell you if the bottles are identical, since i never buy L’Oreal polishes. I simply don’t like them.
      But then again many brands produce their products in the same fabrics, so no wonder, if the packaging looks similar. 😀

  5. I’m following you via email:katnatasha(at)
    french manicure!!!!!!!

  6. Hi! I followed both Radi’s blog and also your blog with e-mail.
    Hmm… My favorite nail polish combination during spring would be coral with glitters at the tip of my fingernails. Not to mention how easy it is to touch up with glitters even if the tip of the nail polish chip off. =D

  7. Hehe, that ladybug design is hillarious!! 😀

  8. I loved the Jolly Jewels and the ladybugs are so cute!! +.+

    Following both blogs via e-mail:
    Normally I love to use dark colours but in the spring I use more often pink nail polishes sometimes combined with some glitter, which I adore!

  9. I followed both blogs by email- (
    My favourite polish combination for the spring is some soft pastel colour and glitter here and there 🙂

  10. These are so cute!
    I follow you with and Radi’s blog by GFC (rena m).
    I love the brights for spring/summer. Add a little glitter and its perfect. =)

  11. This Kiko polish looks fantastic! I hope I win 🙂
    I follow Radi’s blog by GFC: kati_kz
    I follow you via wordpress: kati_kz
    I love Neons for spring and summer 🙂

  12. Hey you guys did a fabulous job! Okay if I had to choose my fave combo for spring I would do something nude with some kind of sparkle…..

  13. I follow Radi via GFC (my nickname is Iriel) and I follow you here in wordpress 😀 Thank you for the giveaway!!

  14. Aw how cute are the ladybirds! ^_^

  15. I following you via e-mail:
    and Radi’s blog via gfc: dede81
    my favorite combination in spring is light and dark green!!!

  16. beautiful nail arts! 🙂

    I follow Radi’s Blog via GFC: Silvia Princy
    I follow you via email :
    in spring I love pink and white 🙂

  17. I following by mail and twitter @puntimania
    Love the prize 🙂

  18. The Lady bird is so cute and perfect. I am glad I read this, learnt something 🙂 And I m gonna enter for the giveaway. Never won one!

  19. I followed Radi D by email ( and I already follow you by wordpress 🙂
    And my fav color combination is orange and pink this spring….
    I hope I win against all odds

  20. Wow,amazing designs.*__*
    Love your blog. Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  21. I love the ladybirds, so cute!

  22. I like pink and blue 🙂

    i follow “it’s about nails” on blogger : Isaa

    i follow you by email –

    thank you 😀

  23. AS you may know since earlier I follow you through wordpress and actually I follow Radi through wp to but I also had added her to my blogger list (user nade is daPerley/Perly X) even that I don’t use it that often. 🙂
    My favorite kombination for spring summer need to be diffrent neons with glitter on top, also I find stiletto nails extra tempting to get this time a year. 🙂

    (This prix’zes would be amazing for my uppcomming “pink week” when I start blogging again, haha 🙂 )

  24. Pingback: The Weekly Round-Up – take 2 | Beauty expression by Luchessa

  25. Wow this nail set looks amazing – well done.
    The detail is fantastic. Radi is so talented 🙂
    My favourite combination has to be the ladybird – it reminds me of summer and strawberries🍓I’m following you both.
    Lots of love, LiLi Xx

  26. I follow It’s all about nails with GFC as Audrey18
    I follow you by email

    Thank you ❤

  27. I really like both nail art! In spring I like colors such as green or blue, with flowers (maybe stickers, because I don’t have too much time).

  28. Woh my oh my! I like both manicures! But the ladybug is really a kind of nail art I also would have made. My fave spring combo … Depends on the fashion trends. Now the pastels are hot so i would made a great mixture with the sugar Kiko and a smooth light blue lacquer.
    As you know I am following you with wordpress and I also followed Rani thrue GFC my GFC name: nailart-addict

  29. GFC: Nóra (Radi’s blog)
    nora.piros@gmail(dot)com (Luchessa blog)

    lovely manis! i prefer pastel colours for spring with some cute dotts 🙂

  30. I subscribed to both by email! 🙂

    Ohh, my favourite combo is teal with pink! 😉

    • Oh wait, I think I’m subscribed to you by WordPress cause the notifications say WordPress. I’m not sure :/ but I am subscribed to you! Haha. 🙂 Ohh, btw, the lady bugs are so cute!

  31. Thank you both for the giveaway! I’m following both blog through my e-mail: jude909(at)
    Currently I’m very fond of coral with shimmery violet. It’s beautiful! And also bright neon colours

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