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Sunday Read {Vol.3}

Hey my Beauties,

it’s sunday again and you know what that means. It’s time for our weekly {Sunday Read}, where i share with you some great posts, written by my fellow bloggers.
Sometimes it’s just a mix of random beauty & lifestyle topics, or like today – a special subject.
sunday read by LuchessaAs usual, you can always go ahead and take part in this sunday read event. Grab this Sunday Read photo!
The rules are very simple:
Pick out some of your most favorite posts written by others &  tell me exactly why you picked them.
Then all you need to do is to link up down below. 

I have always been a big lover of homemade face masks and body scrubs, but if i find a really great sheet mask or a clay in store, i will go for it. 😉 So let’s talk Face Masks. (I think it suits the “sunday pampering” mood anyways.)

My treasures this week:

1) So there is this Korea-Canada blog, ( i guess the writers name behind it is Sonya) that i just recently discovered and stumbled over an interesting topic:
Paper face masks: A Korean beauty secret} which apparently hit the US-market last year. You have to know, that these affordable paper face masks, are incredibly popular especially in Korea and target busy women, who want great & fast results for very friendly prices are totally in love with them. Of course we have that type of masks here in Europe as well (I bet same in the States), but i have to admit, the clay type of masks are actually more represented in stores. Every woman wants “hydration, brightening, wrinkle fighting or pore tightening” effect and it was interesting to see how forward the korean market there already is. 

2) Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady wrote a great Skincare Series post, where she talked about her favorite {Masks}. I liked the variety of different brands and types she described. All of them “do different things, targeting different skin concerns and issues.” I think it’s important to pick the right type of face mask, focusing on what you’re actually wanting to improve.
Sophia shared her detailed opinion on Origins Dr Jart+, REN and other brands, so there should be something for everybody. 

3) Kelly and Gemma from Pages and Perfume shared their thoughts on {‘Love Lettuce’ Face Mask by LUSH} that “contains something called ‘fullers earth’, an ingredient consisting of a number of clays which is meant to absorb grease and debris, and also tighten the skin.” For all you LUSH lovers out there, this should be a product, you already heard about. If you are up for an easy pampering and exfoliating experience, that could be your go-to product. 

4) Meghan from Painted lady – besides being an aspiring medical esthetician, is also a lover of great face masks, so when i saw her post on {Face Mask Friday! Wild Rose and Honey}, i knew i had to share it with you. I have to admit, i have never heard of the brand Wild Carrot Herbals before, but a “mild exfoliant + loaded with enzymes” definitely sounded good to me. It’s a thick great smelling honey based mask, with an antibacterial & calming effect. If you are a honey scent lover, you might enjoy this one!

5) And as i love fresh homemade masks, i’m going to share with you one more post, that i found on another “new to me” blog – Carpe Diem For All (how great is that blog name?!). I spotted this {At Home Oatmeal Face Mask} with organic and healthy products in it. The pictures, that have been used for the post are lovely and the actual recipe seems to be like something everyone should already have in the kitchen.
So if you like “your skin soft and glowing” – take a closer look at that blog post and say “YES please” to oats, mild & honey!
face masks mix sunday read(Pictures taken from each of the sites, all rights on these belong to the mentioned bloggers.)

There you go, my Beauties. That was our Sunday Read for this week. Hope you like the idea of one topic post.
Say HI to everyone, when you visit their blogs and enjoy the recipes & mask ideas. 

What posts’ did you like over the past week, my gorgeous readers? 
Please link up and let’s all benefit from it.

Until next time – stay beautiful!


Sunday Read {Vol. 2}

Hello my Beauties,

happy sunday to you. Another week went by and so much has happened in the bloggers community. 
Of course i have found a few really great posts, written by talented bloggers, that are worth sharing. 🙂
So grab your favorite smoothie and let’s get started with our weekly {Sunday Read}.

sunday read by LuchessaAs usual, you can always go ahead and take part in this sunday read event. Grab this Sunday Read photo!
The rules are very simple:
Pick out some of your most favorite posts written by others &  tell me exactly why you picked them.
Then all you need to do is to link up down below. 

My treasures this week:

1) When it comes to our jobs, we often think back of th every first one and how we felt, when we made those little mistakes, from which we learned afterwards. Am I right? We all learned how to become a better team player and worked on our social skills, which are as important as all the needed IQ for the particular job. And as little as it looks, we learned to smile that confident and friendly smile, that makes us a “human colleague”. Jade from Jade Isabelle talked about these and many other interesting topics in her
{5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My First Job} post, that i found really worth sharing with all of you. 

2) Most of us love to travel. It’s a great way to experience new cultures, great local food, meet people and get inspired by the way they see life, even fashion and beauty tendencies can be incredibly different from what we see day by day in our own countries. 
Traveling opens your eyes to the important things in life, if you give that destination a real change to show its whole beauty to you.
That and what discovering of great new landscapes can really mean, is what Organised Clutter talked about in her
{Why You Should Travel Out of Your Comfort Zone}.

3) While scrolling down my Blogroll a quote caught immediately my eye. It was saying: “Comparison is the thief of joy”.
So i had to stop and look at that blog post.
The quote consisted of just a few words, but there was so much meaning behind them.
It basically challenges you to believe in yourself, your knowledge and power to move things, to come forward in life and by being  just yourself – being happy. Tianna from Storybook Apothecary made her point very sharp and clear and left me somehow very inspired for the rest of the day. Read for yourself: {Stay Inspired}.

4) What do you think about challenging yourself to go a whole week without complaining and being negative?
What about trying to see all what’s happening around you in a bright and positive way?
I came across this great {
7 Days No-Negative Challenge} over on Brooklyn’s blog This little Blonde and thought, that i had to share this with my readers and remind myself to go more positive through my working week and take things easy.
Try it, challenge yourself and have a wonderful & happy new week!
Luchessa's sunday read blog pick(Pictures taken from each of the sites, all rights on these belong to the mentioned bloggers.)

I hope you find the motivating posts interesting to read and enjoy checking out these blogs.
Don’t forget to say HI from me.

What posts’ did you like over the past week, my gorgeous readers? 
Please link up and let’s all benefit from it.

Until next time – stay beautiful!

ps: To celebrate the week of motivation and positive thinking i’ll be giving away 1 (english) copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book:
“Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia”
eat pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert
How liberating it would be to just cast off the reins of your current life and go on a year-long trip to three far flung countries of the world? Elizabeth Gilbert does that in Eat Pray Love, by embarking on her journey with specific purposes – one country for pleasure of the senses, another for spiritual enlightenment and the third to restore balance in her life. 

How to enter:
Leave me a comment saying what are the motivating things in life, that help you in your sad moments.
What makes you feel better? (Please write a little more than just 5 words, would love to hear about your “remedy”!)
Winner will be chosen on friday May 31st via

Good luck!


FMSphotoaday – Day 21 (I care about this) Blog stats & Projects.

Hello my Beauties,

it’s Day 21 in the May Photo a Day challenge and the topic is: “I care about this“.
Seriously, i could have talked about so many different things, that i care about in life, like dear people, my goals and values…
But i decided to talk about this blog and it’s news today. 

So first of all this is a big Thank you to everyone who participated in all the little and big help to make this blog grow little by little.
I know i’m still in the beginning with it, but i feel that it’s going up the right way.

Some of you helped me with tips and tricks about the social media in general, other gave their expertise on the transition from basic WordPress to a self-hosted site, which i’m seriously thinking about as well. (yes i’m slow with this, i know.)
And one of my very favorite bloggers Donah from SweetJellyBean went even further
and lent me her helping hand with the blog design.
So everyone who was saying nice words about the new banner – i’m forwarding all the credits to Donah.
(Thank you dearest!)

Beauty expression by Luchessa new banner and statisticsRecently i hit over 500 blog followers (via WordPress and email) as well as over 20.000 views, which is fabulous. 
I know to some it might not seem like a huge deal, but i’m really really thankful for that. 

Here is also a big shout out to my over 1000 Twitter followers.
Many of you i literally got to know over the Twitter platform and we became friends and blogging buddies. 
I seriously love this vivid and informative exchange with you, my Beauties. 

After HelloCotton had to shut down (i was really sad about it), most of us have moved to Bloglovin’ – another great platform to follow your favorite bloggers from all around the world.
A big Hello to my (almost) 400 Bloglovin’ followers there.
Thanks for readings my posts & all your comments. 

As i dont want to bore you with all the stats, i’m going to tell you about my two newest projects on the blog,
which some of you might already been seeing around.

Friendly Bunch Blog Hop and Sunday ReadFirst is my Sunday Read – that will provide you with exciting posts, that i find over the week,
that are definitely worth sharing with my audience.

As well as my Friendly Bunch Blog Hop, that i host together with Nia from Cherryfashion, starting every monday.
A fun way to link up, spread the word about your own blog/shop and get an easy connection with new fabulous bloggers and their lifestyle, beauty and fashion posts. Everyone is invited to participate.

Last thing i would like to mention, are the two wonderful blogs, that i have the honor to be a sponsor of this month. 
I’m sure most of you already know these two beautiful ladies:
Nykki from Nykki talks Beauty and Miss Angie from My so-called Chaos.
being a sponsor in may
Left column is from Nykki talks Beauty (see, even in this Nia & I are together!) and right column is from My so-called Chaos.

Visit their blogs and say Hi from me.
I hope it was alright to share the recent updates with you, my readers. If you have suggestions or ideas for upcoming posts, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below or send me an email.

Love to hear from you guys!
Until next time – stay beautiful.



Sunday Read

Hello my Beauties,

welcome to my weekly “Sunday Read,
where i share with you some of my favorite blog posts, that caught my eye during the past week.
In case you don’t know those bloggers or simply didn’t have time to read their posts, this is your chance to catch up on different subjects! Hope you enjoy!
sunday read by LuchessaYou can always go ahead and take part in this sunday read event.
The rules are very simple:
Pick out some of your most favorite posts written by other bloggers and tell me why you picked them.

Then all you need to do is to link up down below. 

My treasures this week:

1) I know we ALL are looking for that one great mascara, that is going to make out lashes super long, curly and full like a fan. 
But as everyone has different kind of lashes, it’s hard to tell whether it’s going to work for you, if it’s working for me.
But every now and then a good tip can make your decision easier what to look for.

Tina from What Tina Loves discovered Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Mascara and shared in a review her thoughts on a product, that seems to actually do what it claims to. (We know it’s not always the case!) 

2) Let’s stay with the Mascara-theme for a moment. Some of you might know, how much i love using blue, green or purple mascara. Mostly for my lower lashes, to spice up a toned down eye look.
So when i discovered Jacqueline from A Brilliant Brunette and her recent makeup look wearing a bold & bright sky blue mascara from CK One, (CK One Mascara in Electrify) i thought YES, i’d have done the same thing. 

That’s a great look for spring time, that will make your eyes pop.

3) Let’s be honest. Everyone loves Freebies. Especially when you’re a beauty junkie and there are free beauty items to have! You simply need to know how and where to get them. Ange from Hairspray and Highheels wrote down a few ideas on where to hunt for beauty and entertainment goodies in a How To Get Products For Free post. Keep in mind, that most ideas in her post can be applied in the United States, but i’m pretty sure each country has their own “Sephoras” and different kind of “coupon systems”, so just keep your eyes open. 

4) By now everyone knows how important it is to keep our skin moisturized, so finding your most suitable (facial) cream became one of the goals, when it comes to cosmetics. 
Stacey from Beautiful Solutions shared her thought & experience on expensive (eye) creams vs. affordable ones.
She talks about studies on the effects of creams from different price ranges. I thought it was a good reminder to really read what’s on the ingredients list, when buying a new product in general, since most of the times the expensive items don’t carry a “magic solution” in them and your drugstore product will leave your skin fresh & moisturized just as good.

I agree with Stacey’s verdict, that it’s always worth to invest in a solid eye (or facial) cream, but the key is to find what works for you & your age and your skin type, instead of running after brands and internet hype of them.
Sunday Read with Luchessa
(Pictures taken from each of the sites, all rights on these belong to the mentioned bloggers.)
I hope you find a few interesting posts to read this time and enjoy checking out these blogs.
Don’t forget to say HI from me.

What posts’ did you like over the past week, my gorgeous readers?
Please link up and let’s all benefit from it.

Until next time – stay beautiful!

ps: Don’t miss your chance on winning in my mini Giveaway!


Hairspray and Highheels Birthday $250 Sephora Giveaway

Hello my Beauties,

as you can see, there is a lot going on in the blogger land these days. Different challenges, tag’s, reviews and giveaways. 
So today i’m sharing with you some mega exciting news. 

My fellow beauty blogger and friend Ange from Hairspray and High Heels celebrates her
1st year blog Anniversary with a big and fabulous Giveaway. (Congrats dear Ange, you deserve some applaus!!)
And you as my dear readers will only benefit from that. 
Hairspray and Highheels Birthday {{$250 Sephora Giveaway}}Ange teamed up with some of her favorite bloggers, to make one lucky winner a really happy Sephora shopper.
$250 gift card! 
I guess you will be able to find some really great goodies there. Do you know, what your number ONE item on the list would be? Some new spring & summer perfume? A long-lasting foundation or maybe a fancy palette?

This Giveaway is open  to International residents ages 18 and over and ends at 11:59pm EST on May 20, 2013.
Go ahead & enter the Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone!!


The Weekly Round-Up – take 2

Hello my Beauties,

it’s sunday again and i dare to say, it really looks like spring is finally here. It’s a sunny warm day, the birds are happily singing and i see people sitting outside and having ice cream everywhere. 🙂

You and I are going to have another weekly round-up party here, where i share with you my favorite posts of the past week, written by talented fellow bloggers.
If you want to participate you should simply:

1) Write a list of your favorite blog posts.
2) Publish the “round-up” picture as seen below.
3) And of course link up with the hosts of this party: High Heeled Love and My So Called Chaos


My most favorite posts this week:

1) Kellie from le zoe musings published a wonderful & really creative DIY post on how to decorate a special object like the mini Eiffel Tower, to make it more suitable for the person you love. With little handwritten notes, flowers and lights the Eiffel Tower became a beautiful centerpiece of the desert table of a big event. I loved Kellie’s romantic pictures. But stop by and see for yourself:
PARIS, A Gift!

2) Kaye from Beautiful Kayekie became a .com site this week and is now a “grown up blog” so to speak.
In the post How To Customise Your Blog Domain she talks about all the little details, that count, when making the big move. 
This one is going to be useful for those, who are thinking about going self-hosted for sure. 

3) Jade Isabelle  from Jadeisabelle Blog wrote a nice preview on the new product range by Benefit Cosmetics. And as i’m a big fan of this brand, it caught my eye immediately. Ultra Plush Lip Gloss is about to be launched in may and let me tell you, the packaging, which is Art Deco design of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge inspired and the colors are quite delicious! I can’t wait to see those products in action.

4) Melissa from Pink Lady Beauty did a great review on the MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation, which i was interested to try. I haven’t had any MAC foundations yet and it’s interesting to see what other beauty blogger say about the product first.
I guess we all do some research, before investing some good money in a product like that. So Melissa did some  swatch comparisons and blending in her post. I think her skin looks quite  flawless, which make me want to try this foundation.

Enjoy these posts my dear readers, as well as getting to know these wonderful bloggers & feel free to share your favorite ones with me as well.
I like to hear from you.
The weekly round-up with luchessa(Pictures taken from each of the sites, all rights on these belong to the mentioned bloggers.)

Until next time – stay beautiful!

ps: don’t forget to enter 2 current Giveaways, that you can find on my blog at the moment. Here and Here.


The Weekly Round-Up

Hello my Beauties,

it’s sunday again and that means i’m taking you on a wonderful round trip, that’s going to lead you to some amazing blog posts.
Fasten Your Seatbelts – we are about to start.

What is a Weekly Round-up you wonder?
Well it’s a sharing the love idea in the beauty blogger community, that usually is taking place on sundays.
Since we all like to be heard and our blogs read, it’s nice to spread the word and get interested followers to take a look on some useful  articles.
I’ve seen some of these round-up’s lately and today i’ve decided to participate.
weeklyroundup_zps248cb375You can always go ahead and take part in this great social event.
The rules are very simple: Pick out some of your most favorite posts written by other bloggers and tell us why you picked them.

To link up your post, please visit the hosts:
High Heeled Love or My So Called Chaos. (< — direct links to the round-up)

My most favorite posts this week

1. Mel from Mirror at the Wall wrote a really useful post on what kind of chemicals our skin care and beauty products actually contain, and what we really know about them.
What do You think to know about the Mineral Oils and Sulphates you are putting on your skin day by day? As i like to keep especially an eye on the SLS in my shampoo’s, i thought this post was worth sharing with you:

Ingredients Exposed #1: Chemical Nasties

2. Kareen from Ziba Blog spoke about the Beauty Benefits of Tea. “Herbal plants have been used for thousands of years for their many different therapeutic benefits.” As you might already know, i’m a huge Tea Lover and being reminded of all the positive effects of especially green tea (that’s my weakness), made me want to make a “beauty in the cup sencha”! Need an inspiration for pampering yourself – read Tea Is For Beauty! My Ever Growing Tea Collection

3. Sophia from Tattooed Tealady talked about the Instant Eye Makeup Remover and Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser by Clarins, that i’m really interested in trying. I’m a huge fan of Clarins products, especially when it comes to hand creams and body lotions. These two facial cleansers are still on my personal “to try” list. As i’m always looking for a gentle and helpful product for my sensitive face, i was happy to read Sophia saying: “it leaves your skin smooth, supple and velvety soft.” Clarins, getting rid of everything!

4. Felicia from Love.Life.Eat (who is actually an award-winning published author) wrote a very inspiring post on the female power, ambitions, choices and motivation in life. I really enjoyed Felicia’s writing style, and what especially caught my eye, was that one picture saying: “What would you attempt, if you knew you could not fail“.  If you feel like you need a little enthusiasm today, read that post, written by a woman who will not take a NO for an answer & who is meant to lead.

5. Meghan from Painted Lady did a fun and easy DIY post on how to make a quick mask using only a few ingredients, like French Green Clay, fresh grapefruit and honey. It’s well-known, that green clay masks are particularly beneficial for oily skin, drawing out oil while also tightening pores. (Let’s fight together against those big pores!)
As you already know, i’m a fan of homemade facial masks.
So take a look at Face Mask Friday! Green Clay and Grapefruit Brightening Mask and tell me what you think.

What posts’ did you enjoy over the past week, my gorgeous readers? Please link up and let us all benefit from it.

Until next time – stay beautiful.


Talking beauty expression in the spot light

Hello my Beauties,

it’s finally weekend. And it even looks like really nice weather outside. Not sure, but looks a bit sunny outside…
Let’s do something fun, go out and enjoy some quality time with our friends and family. Is it time for the first ice cream of the year?!

But right before that, i will share with you my fabulous exciting news. Nykki from Nykki talks Beauty made my day, by putting me in a big first-hand spot light on her amazing blog yesterday.
Luchessa Featured on nykki talkes beauty
We did an interview earlier this week, where i talked about my blogging experience, the kind of posts i usually create, what i learned so far over the past 6 months of blogging, who keeps inspiring me and how my life has changed by becoming a beauty blogger.

If you like to know what i named my top three “Holy Grail products”, and who the great people are, that keep supporting me day by day, I would love you to swing over to Nykki’s blog and take a look at that Blog Post.
(Pssst, tell her I sent you over!)
Thanks Nykki for this lovely spot light!

In case you got into the guest blogging mood yourself, read my post on “Write a guest post” for any further informations.  😉

Last but not least i had to mention a wonderful and very unique giveaway,
that is currently runnng over on
Inspired by Elizabeth
If you are lucky, you can win an eye catching piece – a Steampunk Butterfly Necklace with Swarovski crystals.

Steampunk Butterfly Necklace with Swarovski crystals from Inspired by Elizabeth                                                    (picture taken from Inspired by Elizabeth site)
It’s not just a necklace, it’s more a creative piece of art, if you ask me.
Don’t miss the opportunity to check out that blog or the Etsy store. I’m sure you are going to love it.

And until we have the pleasure again – stay beautiful! Always!


Write a Guest Blog

Hello my Beauties,

hope you are doing really well.
Today I’m just popping in to offer you a little sweet idea, that might be helpful and a lot of fun for all of us.

We all learned about sharing in our childhood, didn’t we?! And believe me, it all still applies to these days.

When i just started blogging, i was lucky enough to get tips and help from bloggers from all over the world, who didn’t mind to share their knowledge with me. And as part of giving back the favor, i would like to start a monthly “guest Blog” series, where one of you get the chance to write a whole post for Beauty expression by Luchessa.
Guest post invitation card
You can see this as an opportunity for your own blog growing experience. 

I even created a guest blogging page for you to check out.
So if you are interested in writing a post about beauty, creative food, fun & useful finds, traveling & fashion, or any kind of interesting collaboration – just send me an email and we will discuss it. The only thing i’m asking back is to be my follower via WordPress or email. Thanks a lot. You will not regret it! 😉

Wishing you an amazingly creative day and hope to hear from you soon.
Until next time – stay beautiful!


♥ February News and Featured Posts ♥

Hello my Beauties,

so good to see you on my blog again.
As you might have noticed, i’ve been a little less active this month on here, which was mainly due to a very busy time schedule in my daily life. But let me tell you – i’ve missed you all very much!
Of course i was popping in and out as much as i could. The pleasant outcome was to be mentioned by a few very talented bloggers and twitter friends.
Some of the posts were really so unexpected and wonderful, that i really felt blessed to have found such amazing people in the blogger community.
If you don’t mind, i would love to share those news and featured posts with you. I hope you understand, that i’m not bragging, but simply being incredibly flattered and happy.

If you a steady follower of the beauty blogging community, you know for sure, that by the end of 2012, close to the holiday season, there have been hundreds of beauty giveaways happening. As i’m exactly as you are – a typical makeup loving girl, i entered a few of those held by bloggers i follow anyway. And so the magic happened and I was a lucky winner. But see for yourself.
(Ps: it’s going to be a long blog post, so you better grab your cup of tea, while reading it!)

I had entered the Goodbye 2012 Giveaway on:
Laura’s blog A scottish lass, that she was holding together with Georgina from Makeup Pixi3.a scottish lass and makeup-pixi3 giveaway winner Luchessa                                              (screen shots from Makeup-Pixi3)
Ok, can we stop for a moment and look at the number of total entries for that giveaway. I’m usually not someone, who easily win’s anything, but knowing that out of 12745 entries the winner was ME, is kind of incredible. And i’m not just saying that, i seriously mean it. When i got Laura’s tweet, it totally made my day. 🙂
Goodbye 2012 Giveaway winner tweet to LuchessaNow i just needed to create a blog button to provide it to Georgina for my free advertising. Well, as you know, i’m still a newbie to the blogging world and something like a blog button is nothing i ever made before. But luckily my amazing blogging buddy the Sweet Jelly Bean, who i’m going to mention later on, was so kind to lend me a helping hand.
And the next day my happy face was was shining, along other bloggers from Georgina’s side bar. 🙂
advertiser on makeup-pixi3

So while Laura sent me the beautiful Dior Grand Bal Makeup Palette, which should arrive this week (i might be doing a review on it, ones i get the chance to play with the palette for a little bit) – Georgina offered me a featured blog post along her other advertisers.

Featured blog post on Maku-Pixi3That was a very exciting moment for me. To see the whole blog post on Georgina’s skilled February Advertisers click HERE

Around the same time i became a sponsor for Cherryfashionblog and did a collaborative blog post with bloggers from around the world on – I told you about it HERE.
Nia from Cherryfashionblog featured me just yesterday in a lovely Gorgeous Advertisers post! She asked me a few questions about me and my blog beforehand. And what the result of it are, can be seen if you just click on the post name above. 🙂 Cherryfashion NiaThanks Nia from putting me into such a flattering light!

My Sweet Jelly Bean – Donah was a birthday girl this month, so i’ve decided to send her a few goodies, like a matte top coat, that we were talking about before. And of course i didn’t expect her to write anything about it, since it was not a swap or sponsoring, but just a birthday gift. But you know Donah – she totally did. I’m not going to mention, that i had tears in my eyes while reading her heart-warming words, you can see for yourself. 🙂
Sweet Jelly Bean blog post on Beauty expression by Luchessa                                    (Screen shots taken from
My favorite expression of this february is definitely going to be: “like two peas in a pod of all things beauty”!
Donah took so carefully these pictures of her ” Luchessa branded box”, that i just had to show it to
Donah also said, she meant to feature me & my blog over on site anyways, and this birthday box seemed to be a good occasion.
I’m very happy to have found such a lovely & dedicated friend in Donah. Take a look on the complete post HERE.

And now on to my latest adventure over at Nykki-talks-beauty.
Nykki is a smart and skilled beauty blogger from Arizona, who loves this community very much, which definitely shows in her dedication. She is always involved in group projects and useful blogging ideas and that’s one of the reasons, why her followers love her personality and her blog.
That is also why i’ve decided to become a sponsor for the upcoming month over on her page.
advertising  by Luchessa(click on the picture to enlarge. screen shot taken from + my Twitter)
One of the cool perks of being an advertiser on Nykki’s blog, was also a featured post about me & my blog. She decided to write a little intro herself (and what a nice intro it was!) and go for an unusual question, that i had to answer.
Luchessa featured on Nykki-talks-beauty
If you are interested in what my answer to this question was, you need to go over to Nykki’s 
Five Things I’m Currently {Loving} and scroll down!! Believe me, you don’t want to miss that! At first that question seemed to be oh so easy, but when i started really thinking about it, i knew it wouldn’t be easy at all. 🙂

So as you can see, even if i haven’t been posting much myself during february, i was still somewhere very close.
I’m incredibly thankful for all the opportunities i have been given through all these great bloggers, the friendships and the new skills, that i’m gaining every day, by interacting with all of you! I guess, that’s what they call – a personal growth?!

Last but not least i would like to share some of the sweetest tweets of this and past month’s!
Luchessas favorite tweetsLuchessas favorite tweetsThanks for all your acceptance and recognition, my amazing fellow bloggers! That means a whole lot to me!

I hope you share my happiness and visit some of these bloggers to check their pages out. 
Until next time – stay beautiful! 😉