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Four Favorite Things in May – FMSphotoaday Day 31


Hello my Beauties,

happy friday and happy end of may to all of you. I can’t believe that it’s actually almost june (and hopefully summer) and also that our may challenge is now over. 
I’m very proud of everyone, who managed to get through this May Photo a Day Challenge (but also the Blogging Every Day in May) and really sticking to it  – which would include myself as well. The encouraging words on Twitter & email definitely helped!

So today is Day 31 and the topic is: “Four things“.
31. Four things: Choose four things and take a photo. They can be anything.

As a reader of a beauty & lifestyle blog you might already know, that by the end of a month we usually like to talk about the most used beauty products and why we loved them so much.
So in the best tradition – here are my Four May Favorites.
Four Favorite beauty things in MayLet me start by saying, that besides the Naked palette and my NYX high-definition eye shadow base, these were definitely the four most-reached products of May.
So what are they exactly and why did i enjoy using them so much?

1) NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in 725A Rose Glow is a light weight products, that can be used as powder or blush. It gives an incredibly nice rose glow on your cheeks and since i’m so fair-skinned, i can even use it for contouring my face, which makes the product really multifunctional.

The powder consists of  4 different colors, from light to dark. Some are matt and others are bit shimmery.
Of course the packaging is a little of a down point here, since it’s not really pretty or sturdy and will probably not survive a fall on a hard ground.
But on the other hand in doesn’t cost the world – around $4.99 and it also comes in other shades, like Bronze Glow, Translucent Highlighter Glow, Pink Glow. So there’s something for everybody.

2) Lip balm Papaya by Greenland is a natural lip balm with cocoa butter, jojoba oil and shea butter.
Greenland is a dutch brand, that exists since 1990 and uses only raw materials for their bath and skin care products. 

The papaya lip balm (3,9 g – 4,95 €) doesn’t have any paraffin and mineral oils in it, that for it doesn’t dehydrate your lips, which would make you want to apply even more and more balm every time ( that’s the addictive effect ). The packaging has a quite cool metal look to it, which makes it stand out from the usual lip balms in my eyes.

I find the scent to be fruity & balmy. I wouldn’t really say it smells like a real papaya though, but it’s still a nice smell and doesn’t irritate my sensitive nose (especially when it comes to lipsticks & balms).
What i prefer to do is to apply the balm right in the beginning of putting on my makeup and by the moment i use lipstick, my lips had enough time to get some hydration and my lips look a lot smoother. 

3) Volume Effect Faux Cils Luxury Volume Mascara in 4 Fascinating Violet is one of my all time favorites, when it comes to mascara, especially the colored ones. This is probably my third YSL purple mascara.
I love the traditional brush and the length of it (not too big & not too small). I also like how my rather dark lashes get that nice purple look, without being too bright and totally out there. Makes any daily look a class of it’s own. By getting a second layer on, you can even create that “B A M” – effect.

It separates the lashes nicely, doesn’t smudge and gives great volume. And what i especially like, is the fact that i don’t see any “fall outs” in the evening, after wearing the mascara all day. (Don’t we all hate that?!)
Of course it’s one of those luxury products, where every girl has to decide if $30.00 for a YSL mascara is a good investment or not.
I stand by my treat for a few years now and didn’t regret it yet.

4) Wisteria by Crabtree & Evelyn is a nice Floral fragrance, that has been on the market since 2003. (30ml – $25.00)
The fragrance features wisteria, lily, violet, gardenia, ylang-ylang, mandarin orange, pear and white musk. To me it’s a fresh and floral, spring & summer scent, that comes across even a little powdery. It appears to be clean & innocent if that makes sense.
Love the wisteria & violet accents in the fragrance.

I prefer using eau de toilette instead of the actual perfume, since i like scents to be light and not lasting for over 3-4 hours. But i guess that is just my personal preference.
You might have noticed i  like Crabtree & Evelyn a lot ( i talked about this scent before HERE ), as there is always something slightly distinctive and sophisticated about their scents and skin care products. 

These are my monthly beauty favorites. What have you been using mostly during may? Tell me about it by leaving a comment or a link to your blog posts!

Until next time – stay beautiful!

ps: If anyone like to participate in the Jule Photo a Day Challenge – HERE is where you find the needed information.

ps2: Just got the notification, that i’ve been featured in a {Feature Friday} post! How unexpected was that!! 
If you like to find out more what has been said “About the Blog & Blogger” –  click HERE.

Author: Luchessa

I’m a thirty-something metropolis girl, with experience of living on different continents, speaking several languages, a big passion for skin care, especially Korean beauty, traveling and an urge to share my knowledge and tricks that I've learned over the past years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

23 thoughts on “Four Favorite Things in May – FMSphotoaday Day 31

  1. I would love to see a full post on that mascara! 🙂

  2. I second Melissa! I would love to see a post on that YSL Mascara :] That lip balm sounds amazing too! It’s too bad we don’t have that brand in the states!

    • I didn’t look up if they ship internationally, but if you find something with similar ingredients, you should try it. I’m always looking for a good natural lip balm.
      Thanks for the request, will put it on my “to do” list. 🙂

      • Definitely! I’ll bet those Fresh Lip Balms are pretty similar. Maybe someday they’ll come to the US! I can wish! :]

      • I have 2 mini samples of the Fresh Lip Balms, they seem to be quite good. As far as i knwo they are a lot more expensive in full size, but they claim to have natural ingredients, so might be worth the money.

      • I think it can be justifiable, but you’re right, it’s kind of a shocker when you spend $25 on a lip balm! :] I think I’ll check out other natural brands too!

      • As for me, even if i like to splurge sometime, it really has to be something like a YSL lipstick, but spending 25 bucks on a lip balm – that hurts.

        I bet some local organic brands have amazing lip care products in your area, you just need to keep your eyes open.

        I heard a few good things about the:
        1) Eco Lips ONE WORLD(R) lip balms
        2) Avalon Organics Soothing Lip Balms
        3) Jason Natural Cosmetics Lips Bee Healthier
        4) Savannah Bee Company Beeswax Natural and Organic Lip Balms
        Some of these you might find easily where you live.

      • You are the best! I love all of those brands and they’re at my local co-op :] I’m totally going to check those out now! Thank you Luchessa!!

      • Awesome to hear, let me know what you pick up.

  3. I love love love that mosaic wheel ! i have a blush in it. Such a steal for the price!

    • You are so right about that. It’s actually the first mosaic powder, that seem to fit my skin color right. Usually I look way too orange or pink, but this one is really great. 🙂

  4. I would also love to see a full post on the mascara. I love YSL products but they are so expensive over here. But I feel like I need to treat myself!

  5. I’m always on the hunt for new lip balms, haven’t seen that one before thought! I found your blog through the Follow Them blog hop and i’m a new follower. 🙂

    Uncover the Untold

  6. Wow… love your blog! Newest follower here. I was hoping that you might stop by and follow me back if you like what you read!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  7. Hiya, just popping by to say thanks for stopping at my blog the other day!

    Great Post, i’ll look forward to the review of that mascara if you do end up doing one 🙂

    KaKa x

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