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FMSphotoaday – Day 21 (I care about this) Blog stats & Projects.

Hello my Beauties,

it’s Day 21 in the May Photo a Day challenge and the topic is: “I care about this“.
Seriously, i could have talked about so many different things, that i care about in life, like dear people, my goals and values…
But i decided to talk about this blog and it’s news today. 

So first of all this is a big Thank you to everyone who participated in all the little and big help to make this blog grow little by little.
I know i’m still in the beginning with it, but i feel that it’s going up the right way.

Some of you helped me with tips and tricks about the social media in general, other gave their expertise on the transition from basic WordPress to a self-hosted site, which i’m seriously thinking about as well. (yes i’m slow with this, i know.)
And one of my very favorite bloggers Donah from SweetJellyBean went even further
and lent me her helping hand with the blog design.
So everyone who was saying nice words about the new banner – i’m forwarding all the credits to Donah.
(Thank you dearest!)

Beauty expression by Luchessa new banner and statisticsRecently i hit over 500 blog followers (via WordPress and email) as well as over 20.000 views, which is fabulous. 
I know to some it might not seem like a huge deal, but i’m really really thankful for that. 

Here is also a big shout out to my over 1000 Twitter followers.
Many of you i literally got to know over the Twitter platform and we became friends and blogging buddies. 
I seriously love this vivid and informative exchange with you, my Beauties. 

After HelloCotton had to shut down (i was really sad about it), most of us have moved to Bloglovin’ – another great platform to follow your favorite bloggers from all around the world.
A big Hello to my (almost) 400 Bloglovin’ followers there.
Thanks for readings my posts & all your comments. 

As i dont want to bore you with all the stats, i’m going to tell you about my two newest projects on the blog,
which some of you might already been seeing around.

Friendly Bunch Blog Hop and Sunday ReadFirst is my Sunday Read – that will provide you with exciting posts, that i find over the week,
that are definitely worth sharing with my audience.

As well as my Friendly Bunch Blog Hop, that i host together with Nia from Cherryfashion, starting every monday.
A fun way to link up, spread the word about your own blog/shop and get an easy connection with new fabulous bloggers and their lifestyle, beauty and fashion posts. Everyone is invited to participate.

Last thing i would like to mention, are the two wonderful blogs, that i have the honor to be a sponsor of this month. 
I’m sure most of you already know these two beautiful ladies:
Nykki from Nykki talks Beauty and Miss Angie from My so-called Chaos.
being a sponsor in may
Left column is from Nykki talks Beauty (see, even in this Nia & I are together!) and right column is from My so-called Chaos.

Visit their blogs and say Hi from me.
I hope it was alright to share the recent updates with you, my readers. If you have suggestions or ideas for upcoming posts, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below or send me an email.

Love to hear from you guys!
Until next time – stay beautiful.



Best of blog posts – autumn edition

Hello my dear Beauties.

Hope you are getting ready for the celebration, quality time with your loved ones, great food & music and just  lovely relaxing days!
I have been thinking about the community support these weeks, since it’s the season of giving and I decided to do a best of my reader, to share those awesome blog posts with you, that somehow inspired & motivated or just informed me about new and exciting products.
Hopefully you will enjoy as much as I did. Stop by to read these posts and support the amazing bloggers.

Grab a cup of your favorite hot chocolate and let’s get started.
Hot chocolate ritter sport

First there is Nic at Strawberry Blond beauty blog and her great post about the The Best Winter Hand Creams. In general Nic writes a lot of interesting posts about natural makeup and skin care, along with incredibly tempting high end reviews. (She totally got me hooked on the Benefit Away we Glow palette…)
This particular post about her favorite hand creams came very much on time for me, as i was looking for a new winter hand & nail treatments and i think especially with Weleda she got the point for me. This post might be something for you if you’re like me – a hand cream  addict! 🙂
Strawberryblondebeauty                                         Please visit Nic here:    Strawberry Blond beauty blog

My next pick is going to be Nuala at Make up, Beauty, Shopping and her honest review on MUA Heaven and Earth Pallet.
We all are used to see blogger raving about products on the market, that aren’t really worth the hype. In this case Nuala managed to present the pros and cons about this drugstore palette. When i saw the swatches i knew it was the right one to try as my every day tool. I’m a big fan of metallic and shimmery eye shadows, so to see most of the shades in this one being shimmery and the colors from brownish to rusty, i knew it’s going to be one of my next buys. I want to see for myself how good the formulation is and if it’s worth the money. I mean, as Nuala was saying: “for £4.00 you really can’t go wrong”. 🙂                                     Stop by Nuala’s blog:  Make Up, Beauty, Shopping

Third blogger i would like to mentions is Bailey at Making Up the Midwest and her useful Review & Application: Kiss Ever PRO Lashes.
Bailey is a beauty blogger, who also makes youtube videos to present you all the awesome hair & makeup tutorials. I first discovered her blog, before i found her on youtube as well. This lash review made me personally think more about wearing beautiful lashes during the holiday season, as i’m not someone who wears them on a regular basis. But the Kiss Ever PRO kit looked fun and easy – it apparently comes with some funky looking tweezers, as Bailey mentioned: “Unlike a tweezer, however, this applicator has a larger point of contact so that you can press a larger portion of the lashes along the lash line, allowing you to work faster.” And the results spoke for itself, so thank you Bailey for reminding me to be more outgoing with my makeup decisions.                                     Find more beauty post’s by Bailey here: Making Up the Midwest

As all of us bloggers have not only to publish some great content, but make the actual blog look nice & easy to navigate for our readers, i have to mention my smart Donah at and her really useful post on How To: Drop-down List On Your Navigation Bar 
As for me, blogging is a whole new world and getting tips and tricks with step by step explication & pictures is a big relief for me and maybe some of you as well. It’s awesome to have a fellow beauty blogger being able to help you with the how to “prettify your blog the easy way” questions. Donah has done a few different posts on this subject, besides all the other beauty reviews and brand presentation.                                              Check out Donah’s blog: Sweetjellybean

My last but most definitely not least blog post pick is a tie between two of my favorite nail design bloggers. (Yes it was very hard to dicide!)
It’s Sabrina at and Amie at
Both of them create fun & season inspired nail art. If you feel like looking for creative inspiration for your next nail project, stop by these blogs and get your polish injection.

One of the best posts Sabrina made was Advent Calender Nail Challenge: Inspired by a Christmas Movie. I loved the detailed drawing of the Grinch so much. It’s definitely a big eye catcher and one of the coolest themes of the holiday season.              You can find more great design’s by Sabrina right here: Polish Alcoholic

Amie loves painting her nails, it’s a relaxing task to her and you can definitely tell she’s having fun from what you see on her amazing pictures. Her last post was one of her best so far ( in my opinion) – a Christmas inspired stamping design in red, green and metallic – Nail Diary #126 I just loved the combination of color & design on her nails. Btw, thanks Amie for reminding me to put China Glaze on my wishlist for the next year. I have to finally try their polishes!                    Stop by Amie’s blog and look for more creative nail artAm1e’s Nail Diary

I hope you all enjoy doing some blog hopping and getting to know these inspiring blogger.  
And please share your favorite autumn & winter blog posts with me. Either your own or of the other beauties out there.