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FMSphotoaday – Day 22 ( Change ) Caudalie Vinosource


Hello my Beauties,

how is your week going so far?
Every Wednesday i feel like my weekly goals are half accomplished, but i still have half the way to go.
Does anyone know this weird feeling?

Well, today is Day 22 of the May Photo a Day Challenge and the topic is: “Change“.
What does change mean to you? Do you get excited about changes or are you rather someone who likes things to be “the same”?
22. Change: This can be a hard one, so put your thinking cap on. How can you show change in a photo?”

As i’m trying to keep this challenge at least a little beauty related, i will tell you about my latest skin care changes.
For the past months i have been using Avene products, which i mentioned in ♥ Avene Skin Care Travel Kit ♥ post before.

After trying some samples (and i always go for samples first, before buying a full size product) i got a moisturizer, a cleanser and a mask, which i enjoyed using quite a lot.
But last week i finished them all and really had to decide, whether to get same kit again or try something new from another brand.
And being an curious blogger, “of course” i went for something new. 

These are the samples for my new skin care routine:
Caudalie Vinosource Creme Sorbet Hydratante: with Grape water, Camomile & Grape-seed Polyphenols 
(moisturizing sorbet for sensitive skin).

Caudalie Vinosource Riche Creme velours Ultra-nourrissante: with Grape oil, Shea & Grape-seed Polyphenols 
(intense moisture rescue cream for very dry skin).

Caudalie Vinosource Sérum S.O.S. Désaltérant: with Grape Water, Hyaluronic acid & Grape-seed Polyphenols
(s.o.s. thirst quenching serum for dehydrated skin).
Caudalie Vinosource face skincare lineBasically this is how i usually pick out my facial creams & co. I like rich intensive ones as my night cream, a serum to waken up my skin in the morning and some light moisturizer afterwards, that is getting absorbed fast, so i can apply my foundation.

I can’t wait to see whether my skin is happy or not after using these products and how well they all go together if used one after another. That’s going to be my “face project” for the next few weeks. 
You can find more information about the brand and line on the Caudalie Natural Skin Care site.

Btw: when i got the samples today, i remembered a post from a few month’s ago, written by Kareen from the Ziba-Blog, where she talked about the Beauty Elixir & Moisturizing Cream and how i bookmarked that one for later.
(So Kareen, you can be proud of me, i finally managed to get some Caudalie face products as well.) 

As i was saying, i heard quite a lot about the brand before, but mostly used their amazing Hand & Nail cream (with Grape-seed Polyphenols, Vinolevure®, Shea butter, Grape oil.)
Truth is, it’s very much comparable to the Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy hand cream line by Crabtree & Evelyn or the L’Occitane Karité hand cremes. Moisturizes perfectly, isn’t too greesy and if you don’t want a certain scent – that’s definitely one for your purse.

Have you tried any of these before? Which one is your favorite?
And what about this Caudalie Vinosource line? Any experience with that?

 Until next time – stay beautiful.

Author: Luchessa

I’m a thirty-something metropolis girl, with experience of living on different continents, speaking several languages, a big passion for skin care, especially Korean beauty, traveling and an urge to share my knowledge and tricks that I've learned over the past years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

13 thoughts on “FMSphotoaday – Day 22 ( Change ) Caudalie Vinosource

  1. Oh I can’t wait until your Caudalie review! I love, love their beauty elixir and well pretty much everything else I’ve tried!

    • I’m especially curious about the quenching serum, since the one by L’Oréal i’m using at the moment wasn’t all that impressive…Do you know those products, that look good and get good reviews, btu simply do nothing for your skin? (just my opinion)

    • Loving the serum & sorbet a lot, the thicker “night” creaa not so much – it’s way too “sticky”.

  2. I´m also anxious for your review! I recently noticed the line, I hadn´t before. Side note: I´ve recently discovered SANTE Anti Stress Maske (available in Bio Markts). The color (wierd kind of green) and smell (which goes away in less than a minute) are a bit off putting. However, immediately after removing it my skin is revitalized. It even looks lighter. Also, just fine on my very sensitive skin. Any experience with their products?

    • Hey, thanks for your comment. Actually no, i haven’t tried SANTE masks yet, need to take a look, as i have a “Bio-company” in my arean, so i might find something interesting to try. 🙂

  3. I haven’t heard of this brand, but I must admit I am not such a high end beauty products user. I am using Garnier for years.

  4. Caudalie! Your going to love it. They have such wonderful products. I like the new header on the blog too Luchessa. Very nice.


    • Thank you dear Ali.
      And i’m really hoping the products are gonna besuitable for my skin. Do you have a favorite one by the brand?

      • They’ve brought out an updated selection of the Vinoperfect. I liked the original, so I expect this is good too. I wasn’t especially impressed with the new Premier Cru range though.

  5. Yes! I’m proud of you! I also think it’s fantastic that you went for something new, that shows you are a TRUE beauty blogger! I’m a big fan of Caudalie, and have been wanting to try their other products but as you know, I have to a follow a beauty budget or I will be broke all the time! So it will be great to read your review of these. Also, I changed my mind about the beauty elixir! I like it better now than when I first reviewed it, but I still prefer more natural beauty elixirs. Thanks for the mention my dear! ❤

    • You’re welcome Kareen. I will give the products a go and hopefully the outcome is gonna be positive!! Keep your fingers crossed.

    • Already a fan of the combination of the serum & the sorbet. Not sure about the Riche Creme velours Ultra-nourrissante. It might be not right for my skin type. And what i don’t like is, it doesn’t sink deep enough into my skin. That’s a minus point.

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