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Top innovation: Essence peel off base coat


Hello my Beauties,

how is your week going? Was it as sunny and spring like in your city as it was in mine? I really hope so.
Seeing the sun coming through the clouds after probably 3 month, is so nice for a change…

Today i would like to tell you about a little test, that i was doing on a new product by Essence – a peel off base coat.
A fun innovative idea, that suppose to be your magical helper when it comes to the annoying process of removing your stubborn nail polish. 
I got the idea to try it in combination with a glitter polish. As i’m not using any kind of glitter polishes that often, i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try the new product and to enjoy some sparkling glitter nails for a few days. 

Essence peel off base coatAs you can see, the packaging says:  “fast and easy change of colour and effect nail polish. this innovative, solvent-free peel off base coat allows you to peel off your nail polish whenever you want, wherever you are! no remover needed!”

No remover needed – those were the words, that i needed to get interested in this product. The actual polish looks milky white in the bottle and contains the standard 0.33 fl. oz / 10 ml and is really affordable – 2,25€
The instructions are very simple. You apply a thick coat of the polish, that looks just like a regular white at first, then wait until it’s dry and become completely transparent.
On the packaging there is one more advice: “avoid hot water for 3 hours after application”. I simply did my manicure 2 hours before bed time, so my nails had the chance to really dry through over night.

Essence peel off base coat swatchesAfter about 10 minutes this base coat dried and it looked like i didn’t have anything on my nails at all. 
Then it was time to grab my new special effect topper by Essence in 15 Glitter on Me – that looks a bit like a disco ball in the bottle. 
Essence peel off base coat Special effect topper 15  glitter on meI applied 3 coats of the glitter topper to really get the mega glitter effect. I simply love the longer glitter stripes in it. 
And when that was done, i even decided to top all that with my most favorite top coat – Better that gel nails top sealer by Essence studio nails. (As you can see, it was a whole lot of Essence going on there! I thought i would work the best with all the products being made by the same brand.)
I have worn this manicure for over 4 days. Then my patience was over. I couldn’t wait to start peeling this whole thing off. I’m sure it would last for at least 2 more days, because at this point, it still looked good and didn’t come off by itself at all.

Essence peel off base coat I use a little orange wood stick, that is a great tool to push back cuticles ect to help me carefully lift up the edges.
I have to say, it doesn’t come off like a nail sticker, all in one piece and you should obviously not perform any harsh movements, since you never know, where the polish really sticks to your nail bed.

For me the process didn’t feel too pleasant, as i usually never peel off my nail polish (we all know how bad it is to do that! damages the nail bed so much), but the results were pretty amazing.
If we keep in mind, that i had quite a thick layer of different polishes on, my nails looked clean and not damaged.

So as my conclusion i can say, that if you are a big friend of glitter polishes and bright “toxic” colors, that tend to leave a mark on your nails, this is a really smart and useful product for you.
I know i can be braver now and use my glitter polishes every ones in a while again.
Not having to think about the mess i would have by removing it all again, is a big relief.
If you can get Essence products in your area, you should definitely give this peel off base coat a try. 
essence peel off base coat, special topper 15 glitter on me, better than gel nails top sealerHave you seen any similar products by other brands on the market? And what do you think about this concept?
Please share your secrets with me.

Until next time – stay beautiful.

Author: Luchessa

I’m a thirty-something metropolis girl, with experience of living on different continents, speaking several languages, a big passion for skin care, especially Korean beauty, traveling and an urge to share my knowledge and tricks that I've learned over the past years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

49 thoughts on “Top innovation: Essence peel off base coat

  1. This looks like an improvement on nail wraps, don’t you think? Its interesting how the market for nail products suddenly took centre stage a year or so ago. I’ve tried the glitter and matte looks, but can’t say I particularly like them. I prefer the traditional glossy nail look.

    Ali x

    • I know exactly what you mean Ali. But i guess all the rand are trying to jump on that nail art train and it really seems to work. Nail care and art related products are very popular at the moment.
      I have a few matte polishes as well and i like to change the look of my nails from time to time. So it’s nice to have it in my collection. 🙂

  2. This is going to be a life changing product for me–I’m obsessed with wearing glitter nail polish, I just love how it looks! But it gets sooooo incredibly frustrating to scrub it off when I want to remove it. Thank you!

    Check out my blog?

    • I think the idea behind this product is def the right one. 🙂 I think i still wouldn’t use it like for every mani, that i do, but from time to time it’s def a life saver for my nails 😀

  3. I use this all the time for glitter polishes 😀 Love it!

    • Sabrina, you know me – i’m huge on metallic polishes, but when it comes it glitter, i usually chicken out. 😛 But now i feel so brave 😉

      • LOL I know what you mean. This is the best way to remove glitter polishes if you ask me. I mean, the foil method works but my cuticles and skin around my nails hate me when I do that 😉 Oh… have you tried Bourlesque yet?

      • No, not yet, as i had this review and few other polishes to try before. Bourlesque still stands on my desk in this pretty pink organza 😉

  4. I really want to tra it **

  5. That is a clever idea if you are traveling also. Peel off (meaning no packing of a nail polish remover) and that´s it. xoxo KJ

  6. I bought it back when it first came out in a limited edition, but it doesn’t work that great: when I tried to peel the polish off it just wouldn’t peel at all! I had to damp my nails with a nail polish remover and only then, peel the polish off!
    I guess they changed the formula! I should buy this one and see if it works for me!
    ps. stunning nails!!!!

    • Well i have to say i did a second thick layer to be sure i really covered all the areas. Because i had that exact fear.
      I hope you give it another try and promise to be really careful with your nails. it’s indeed so easy to damage the nail bed.
      Oh and thank you so much for the compliment. 🙂

  7. I’ve seen tutorials for using glue as base for glitter, but I was always worried that it would damage the nail or come right off. I’m glad to see an established brand came out with a product like this! I love my glitter polishes but I hate the removal. I can’t wait to try this out!

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. You are right, I would never do the glue trick, it would be just too risky.
      I hope you get to try this or very similar product, because it makes it so easy to use the glitter polishes more often. 🙂 At least it does the trick for me.

  8. This could make me fall in love with glitter polish, it’s too much of a hassle to usually wear it because taking it off is such a pain for me and I always end up picking it off and damaging my nails. Hope I see this in a shop near me soon!

    • This is exactly what i thought & I’m sure many women out there as well. Essence made the right move with this product. Let me know, if you try it.

  9. I need this! I love glitter polish but it’s such a pain to remove! I look forward to trying this out! xx

  10. I have it also somewhere hihi. Hey but it peals neatly on your nails. On my it removed in little bits and pieces, that irritated me a bit. But it’s a good help with glitter polishes indeed.

    • It came off in a bit bigger pieces and i was very careful. I don’t think i’m going to use it like every other day, but it’s def a big relief when it comes to chunky glitter and neon polishes.

  11. I’ve tried it and I like it! Have you ever tried to use Vinavil glue? It’s the same thing and you can remove it easly! In the next days maybe I’ll write a post on it, so I can compare Vinavil and this peel off polish, so I can explain better how to do!

  12. Wow awesome shade I love your NOTD dear…
    please visit my blog in your free time 🙂

  13. Wow this actually looks REALLY cool! I want to try it now!! 😀

  14. Both products- the base and the top coat are gorgeous, but they don`t sale them in my country, althouth they do sale Essence products here… What a pitty..

    • Seriously?! ohh now that’s really weird. Becuase these are from their permanent line…

      • I`m absolutely serious. And that`s why I`m angry for that. I want that peel off base because I have lots of glitters and from the new Golden Rose Jolly Jewels collection that are fantastic! But I hate to take them off. They said they`ll import it here, in Bulgaria, but we have to wait- till when?- we don`t know… And the top coat- I know it`s Seche Vite`s dupe which means- reaaaaaaally good product. That are my seeings. 🙂

      • I will email you, Radi.

  15. Such a great idea!

  16. Ive been using Topshop’s peel off nail polishes and I love them. Can you apply any nail polish over this or just the specific essence ones?

    • You can def use any finish and brand over it.
      I just used that glitter topper, since i wanted to try both, the peel off and the glitter one. I barely use glitter polishes…

  17. I’d love to try this one. I have a very bad habit of peeling of my polish once I get bored with it :/

  18. Wow! Great product and concept as well.And very nicely explained as well. Lovely disco color nail polish Luchessa…. I will try and see if I could find something in India 😦

    • Thanks for stopping by dear. Yes that’s def the right expression: Disco nails 😛
      I’m sure if Essence is not being sold in India, you will find another brand that sells a product like that. Good luck, it’s worth trying.

  19. I gave the Essence Peel Off Base Coat t a try when it first started to appear on shelves here in Germany and while I loved the concept, I was unimpressed with the actual product in the end. I had a difficult time peeling it off and would have preferred to have simply used my stand by non-acetone remover instead. Just out of curiosity, are you also located in Germany?

    • Yes i am also located here 😉
      And i wouldn’t recommend using this product on the weekly basis, since i guess it would damage your nails, but every ones in a while it’s a nice lill helper.
      And as i used 3 coats of it, it worked as a “foil” in the end, maybe that was the trick??

      • The fact that you are also a blogger in Germany makes me very happy, in fact you’re the only other one I’ve come into contact with so far. My German still isn’t so great so the thought of blogging in German still intimidates me so I just stick to my native language.

      • (Sorry, just seen your comment!)
        Take your time with learning a new language. In the beginning it always looks more difficult, than it is. It’s gonna get easier, keep on practising. 🙂

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