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♥ Four Fabulous February Favorites ♥


Hello my Beauties,

how was your weekend? 

This time i’m going to share with you my Four Fabulous February Favorites! Remember my beauty survey i was doing a few posts back? Many of you wanted me to do a monthly favorites post, so there you have it. 
There is usually no rule on how many items you should feature in a favorites post, so i decided to pick only those, i really used almost every day over the month of february. 
Luchessa's February Favorits

1) Biodroga Institute Power Moist Mask – intensive Moisture 
Back in January i already did a review on this super weapon. After wearing foundation and another kind of decorative cosmetics on my face all day long, it feels like mini vacation for my skin, when i apply the mask after washing my face.
The next morning my skin looks moisturized and fresh. Definitely my must-have item.

2) NYX HD high definition eye shadow base – one of the best eye shadow primers that i’ve used. Not as amazing as the Urban Decay primer potion, if you ask me, but a really good drugstore primer.
(Even if in Germany the only places you can get NYX products are at high-end stores, for at least double the price. But oh well!)
I have quite oily eyelids, and without putting on a decent primer, my eyeshadow doesn’t stay in place much more that for 2 hours.
In the mornings I usually put it on at 8:00 am and before taking off my makeup at 8 pm, my eyeshadow still looks nicely.
When i first started using an eye primer i immediately knew, a new fabulous era has begun. What a huge difference, especially for those who tend to have a “hooded lid”, right?!
Over all it’s really affordable (even more for those of you in the US), blends easily and doesn’t smudge, brings out the true color intensity and makes it last all day.

3) MAC  Technakohl in Plank
The color reminds me somehow of milk chocolate! I would say, it’s really flattering for girls with brownish hair.
You get a very natural look with this liner. It doesn’t smudge and it’s not very dark to really wear it just as defining eye liner.
I usually pick it, if i’m doing a natural daily look for work. It brings out the shape of my eyes, but doesn’t stand out too much, which is exactly i’m going for in those cases.
It wears for about six or seven hours quite well, before I notice some fading. Anyway, it’s a great copper color with shimmer in it and a nice item for the makeup bag in my purse.

4) Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Touch fragrance mist
Tempting. Sensual. Go beyond desire. Italian iris, gilded apricot and amber wood. 

Very Sexy Touch notes per Victoria’s Secret’s website:
Top notes: Juicy red pear, honeysuckle, gilded apricot, fresh citrus

Middle notes: Vanilla orchid blossom, blooming magnolia, white peony, Italian iris
Dry-down notes: Vanilla bean, creamy coconut, clean vetiver, amber wood, musk

Victoria’s Secret launched this one in february 2012 and gave a new flacon design to the well-known 2002 edition – fragrance Very Sexy.
I really like how it smells on my skin, and makes me almost want to embrace myself.
To me, this is one of those want-to-get-upclose scents, which also isn’t overpowering and doesn’t stay on for over 4 hours, which is exactly the reason why i got the mist and not the actual perfume. And even if this scent reminds me of summer, it was my daily pick in february. On the other hand a nice summer reminder is not a bad reason to wear this scent either! 😉
Luchessa's February Favorites
                                     (Click on the pic to enlarge!)

That’s all for my monthly favorites. What do you think? Have you used some of these products before and is so, how did you like them? Anything similar that made it into your monthly favorites list?
Please share your secrets with me.

And until next time – stay beautiful!

Author: Luchessa

I’m a thirty-something metropolis girl, with experience of living on different continents, speaking several languages, a big passion for skin care, especially Korean beauty, traveling and an urge to share my knowledge and tricks that I've learned over the past years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

23 thoughts on “♥ Four Fabulous February Favorites ♥

  1. Do they have Victoria’s Secret in Germany? I’d love to go to a store as I’ve never been..

  2. Yet to try any of your favorites. Happy to hear that you are satisfied 🙂 xoxo KJ

  3. That Biodroga mask looks great! I’ll have to see if I can pick some up next week!

  4. i love these posts and i really love your picks! i have had my eye on the nyx eye shadow base for a while, i might have to actually go and grab it now. great post girl!

    • Thanks Holly 🙂 I think it’s a solid investment in this base, because in the US it doesn’t cost a thing and it’s worth the money. (Here they only sell it in the pot, which i don’t like. I feel like they work differently.)

  5. great info beautiful Luchessa. . . . I have oily eyelids too and I didn’t know there was such a thing as an eye shadow primer!! I will try it. Have a beautiful day. : )

  6. I’m heavily into my skincare, so I would love to try that Biodroga. I don’t suppose its available here in the U.K. I’m off to find out.

    Ali x

  7. Great picks, the mask sounds lovely! Sunday pamper!!!

  8. Luchessa, Victoria Secret mists are my favorite!

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