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A Thirty-something metropolis girl with a big passion for makeup, traveling & city hot spots & urge to share reviews, tips & tricks

♥ Best of blog posts – winter edition ♥


Hello my Beauties!

Today i want to continue my “Best of blog posts” series by sharing with you my most favorite posts i’ve seen over the past few weeks.
Hope you check them out.

The first blog post comes from Kaye and it’s the most recent one. You know i like to read those step by step posts of how to create something, when it comes to web design ect. Kaya alias beautifulkayekie wrote a great tutorial on  How to create a blog header to let your blog look more professional and pretty. If you are a total newbie to these things like me, you will definitely find this post very helpful.
beautifulkayekiePlease visit Kaye and comment on her post – Beautiful Kayekie

My next pick is going to be the lovely Lipstick Gal and her post about the Lipsticks & Glosses. She knows her many shades of red for sure. If you ever need a tip on how to pull off your a red lipstick on a daily basis, don’t hesitate and ask this girl. She has the tips and tricks on how to keep it on and look fresh all day. I love it how some women just dare to wear their red’s all the time. 🙂
The Lipstick GalStop by this Gal’s post and tell her what your favorite red is – The Lipstick Gal

My last but not least pick for the best of blog posts is Alisha, a naturopath with her post on Detox Do’s and Dont’s. After the holiday season most people are trying to bring their bodies to a better shape, by watching more what they are eating. Alisha wrote a helpful post about drinks and food, along with daily rituals that are going to be good for our bodies. If 2013 is the year where you want to get your body to the next level – this is a post for you.
thenaughtynaturopathmumDiscover more healthy tips, that are making you beautiful inside and out here: Thenaughtynaturopathmum

As you can see, i selected very different kind of blog posts this time. But since we all are different, there is a big possibility for you to find the right new blog to follow. Stay tuned for the next time, when i share with you my next “Best of blog posts”.

Until then – Stay beautiful!

Author: Luchessa

I’m a thirty-something metropolis girl, with experience of living on different continents, speaking several languages, a big passion for skin care, especially Korean beauty, traveling and an urge to share my knowledge and tricks that I've learned over the past years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

4 thoughts on “♥ Best of blog posts – winter edition ♥

  1. Aww thanks so much for sharing, you are too sweet! When you do finally get the try the whole tutorial out I’d love to see what you create! 🙂

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