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❄ I ♥ Drugstore Makeup TAG! ❄


Hello my Beauties!

It’s finally weekend. It was a crazy and busy week for me, so right now i’m just happy to stay in, since it’s really cold outside. 
While enjoying my cozy weekend, i’ve decided to do this fun I ♥ Drugstore Makeup TAG, that has been going around youtube so much lately. Hope you do it as well. 🙂

 I tag YOU all to do this!


1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand?
There are two actually. The well-known Revlon & the german brand Catrice. I think the most drugstore items that i use on the daily basis are by Cartice. I love how the quality meets price here. And as i became a huge fan of the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters this year, Revlon has to be my other brand of choice.

2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products? 
My favorite lip products of the year 2012 are definitely the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters and the new Sheer Glam lipsticks by P2 cosmetics. Two current ones that i’m loving are the 070 Cherry Tart & 060 Fame! The sheer glam lipsticks are a great alternative to Revlon’s lip butters, as they are not being sold here in Germany (what a shame btw!)
They have a creamy buttery consistency, a little bit of color and leave my lips moisturized. I’m really happy with all the lipsticks by P2 and that’s one of the reasons, why you can win one of them in my current giveaway. Plus i find the P2 packaging super cute.
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter P2 Sheer Glam lipstickAs for my favorite cheek product i would have to pick the Silky Touch Blush in 10 adorable by Essence, a very light pink with a  matte finish. I love the formula and how beautifully pigmented the blushes by Essence are. There’s no issues with blending into powder or liquid foundation at all. The packaging is very simple clear study plastic, and i have had no problems even while traveling.
Essence Silky Touch Blush 10 adorable

My most favorite face product of the year is the Bebe young care Goodbye make-up tinted moistruizer.
(It’s by Johnson-Johnson, so you might find something similar in the States). It gives my face moisture and a light coverage, as a great alternative to heavy makeup, like thick foundations or heavy powders. I didn’t feel like my skin needs too much coverage these days, so this product has been exactly right. It smells a little bit like sunblock, which reminds me of a beach vacation every time i use this tinted moisturizer.

bebe Young Care Goodbye Make-up tinted moisturizer

3. Least favorite product? For me it’s the Maybelline color sensational lipstick in golden pearl 862. I didn’t expect it to be that shimmery & pearly. You don’t get much color on your lips, way less than from Revlon’s lip butters. And i feel after drinking, eating and talking, i have that shimmer all over my face. I know i sounds a little weird, but i just don’t like it. But on top of all that i find this typical “lipstick smell” unpleasant.
So for me, it’s the biggest downside to this lipstick, along with the pretty high price (around 10 euro/13 US-Dollar).
Maybelline color sensational pearly nude 862
4. What is the best makeup bargain? Seriously i will have to go with the Essence blushes again. Great product for really small money!! If you have an Essence display at your local drugstore, go ahead and try them. 

5. What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?) Recently i have discovered the highlighter pen by Catrice. It’s a relative new product on the market, but i feel like it didn’t get enough attention so far. It’s a creamy pearly long-lasting highlighter, that reminds me a little bit of the NYX  jumbos. It brightens really well the eyebrow area and gives a nice sparkle in the corner of my eyes. I enjoy using this highlighter pen on the daily basis.
highlighter pen Catrice made to stay

6. A drugstore product that is overpriced? This one is really easy. It’s the L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Smoothing Primer. Not least because of the newest addition on Catrice’s display. During the summer Catrice came out with the new Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner, that looks a lot like the Secrets Smoothing Primer. The only difference is that the jar that it comes in, is not made of glas, but plastic. But seriously, that is the only downside for Catrice. The texture is the same, mousy and creamy. The primer by L’Oreal needs much longer to soak in. And i don’t even start with the price. L’Oreal around 16 euro vs. Catrice  4, 99 euro. So as you can see – L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Smoothing Primer is just way too overpriced & not competitive.

7. Show your best drugstore dupe!!  The best one that i have handy at the moment is one of my all time favorites mono eyeshadow is  Catrice 410 C’mon Chameleon as dupe to  M.A.C. Club.
Anyone who ever had a makeup obsession knows how M.A.C. Club looks like. Club is officially described as “a red brown with a green shimmer”. In my opinion it’s more complex when you look at it. A light brown, green and blue mixed toghether with little sparkles. And  it looks different depending on the way you wear it. C’mon Chameleon is a lovely duochrome forest green mixed with warm brown  color. The effect is even better i noticed, when applied on a dark base like a black NYX jumbo pencil. 
C'mon Chameleon eyeshadow Catrice

8. Drugstore product that isn’t worth the hype? In my eyes it’s Rimmel London lasting finish by Kate in 05. Yes i know Rimmel  teamed up with Kate Moss to create that line, and it was all over the media. But somehow i didn’t like the formula, nor the feel on my lips. And yes, maybe i’m not the biggest fan of bright, matte lip colors – the lipsticks are described as a satin finish, but to me, they are definitely matte. And besides, i can’t stand when a lipstick  blends into the lines of my lips. No wonder this one has been lying around after just a week of using. True story.
Rimmel London lasting finish by Kate in 05
What are you favorite drugstore brands and products? Please do the tag and tell me more about your beauty secrets! 

Author: Luchessa

I’m a thirty-something metropolis girl, with experience of living on different continents, speaking several languages, a big passion for skin care, especially Korean beauty, traveling and an urge to share my knowledge and tricks that I've learned over the past years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

21 thoughts on “❄ I ♥ Drugstore Makeup TAG! ❄

  1. I buy a NYC lip gloss product at Target for $3.00 called Lip plumper in a strawberry mousse shade and I love it.
    It’s natural and is not sticky like some lip gloss. You can find a lot of items that are just as good as the name brand and inexpensive.
    Great post Luchessa; as always 🙂

    • You are right dear, and the reviews about those products help a lot to decide if you should spend that money or not. Some of the drugstore products can totally be be your holy grail coz it suits your skin type really well ect…don’t you think?!

  2. ooooh! I’m going to have to go through my makeup to see what’s my favourite!

  3. Great post. I am totally doing this tag game. Btw, I love Maybelline and Lakme. 🙂

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  5. You definitely have some brands I never heard of, like Catrice!
    I love essence stuff too, especially their nail polishes which are super cheap here in canada!
    I have one revlon lip butter in lollipop and i love it! Another lip product I love from Revlon is their colourburst lipsticks, I have the one in peach 🙂
    Fun tag!!

    • Yeah aren’t the lip butters a great product?! I think it’s my personal discovery of the year!
      Catrice is not being represented yet in USA & Canada as far as i know. But it’s the same “house” that does the export of Essence 🙂 It’s just made for a little more sophisticated audience than Essence.
      Pls do the tag if you feel like 🙂

  6. Hii! I used the Kate Moss lipstick from Rimmel for my giveaway and Its amazing. I also have the Revlon lip butter in the same color. It’s gorgeous, I always pack it to go 🙂

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